36″ and larger bandsaws 0136

24 INCH POWER BAND SAW.This machine is of the same type as the one shown in Fig. 4016, but larger; is suitable for blades up to $ in. wide. The shipper is furnished; can furnish these machines with or without Countershaft as desired. The cut shows machine with countershaft. Price, without Countershaft, $52.00; with Countershaft, $58.50. Price includes 2 Band Saws, any size to in. wide. Weight, 350 lbs.; shipping weight, 450 lbs.

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30 INCH BAND SAW. A first class, medium size machine. This is well made throughout and the frame is in one piece. Price includes one Blade, Tongs, etc., also Wright's Non-Friction Guide.
Price, Wood Table, $94.50; Iron Table, $100.00. Weight, 850 lbs.

28 INCH BAND SAW. The above cut shows our 28 in. Band Saw machine, which embraces recent improvements. The machine is well proportioned, the frame being cast in one piece. Upper and lower shafts revolve in self-oiling, connected, double boxes. Table is of iron; Guides are a good style, can be adjusted; can furnish Patent Non-friction Roller Guides at additional cost. The Belt Shifter and all adjustments are within easy reach, the Belt Shifter being so arranged that the machinery may be belted from the top, from below, or from either side. This saw will take 12 in. under the guide. Price, $90.00; weight, 800 lbs.

32 AND 34 INCH BAND SAWING MACHINES. When desired we can furnish 32 and 34 in. Band Sawing machines. The demand for machines of this style is very small, not enough to warrant making any more than two or three machines at a time. The 36 in. machine is the most popular of the larger sizes; these are made up in lots of 50, with many tools especially arranged for economical production, the result being that when the facilities and large numbers are taken into consideration, it costs but little more to make a 36 in. machine.

36 INCH BAND SAW. This machine is built from new patterns. The table is of iron, 27x35 in., and adjustable to 45 degrees. The hand wheel regulating tension, also the hand wheel lining the upper wheel, are both operated in front of machine. The guide bar is planed square, and has a patent non-friction saw guide (Wrights' or Mohawk Dutchman, as preferred). Wheels have wood rims; machine saws to 16 in. thick. Price, $120.00, including one k inch Saw; weight, 1100 lbs.

No. 0—36 INCH BAND SAW.This machine is well adapted to the use of Cabinet, Wagon, Sash and Door Shops, Planing Mills, etc. It is, we believe, one of the very best and most perfect working Band Saws in the market. Wheels are 36 in. diam., 2 in. wide, covered with bent wood, canvas and gutta percha, making them light, strong and elastic. The wheels and pulleys are fastened to the shaft by steel keys and nuts, no set screws being used. Table is of iron, can be pivoted for bevel sawing, and is fitted with an adjustable gauge for sawing parallel pieces. Guide bar is made of wrought iron, square in section, and counter-weighted for convenience in adjusting, and to prevent accident from falling when loosened.
Price includes a Wright or Mohawk Dutchman Non-Friction Saw Guide, as may be preferred. This machine will take in 15 in. under the upper guide, and 34 in. between the saw and frame. Extreme height, 7 ft. 7 in. Tight and Loose Pulleys are 12 inches in diam., 4 in. face. Price, $135.00, including ones inch Saw, Brazing Tools, and a set of Steel Wrenches. Weight 1250 lbs.

LARGE BAND SAWS. We can furnish, when desired, larger size Band Sawing machines ; 38, 40, 42 and 44 in. Circulars and prices may be had on application.