Old Woodworking Tools is a complete copy of the Woodworking tools catalog which the Strelinger Company issued in 1897.  

The catalog is much more than a listing of products for sale. It includes essays on how to care for your tools, how to select the best tools, how to treat your customers. and insights into life in 1897.

We first published it online in 2007 in the hope others would find it as interesting as we did. We included ads from Google's AdSense program on the theory that people who where interested in old tools would click on ads for new tools. They did and the site earned well for many years. 

Over time the income and traffic declined until the site was barely paying it's hosting and registration fees. It was time for a change.

The original site was essentially built by hand. WordPress was in it's infancy and plugins were limited. All that has changed. 

We decided to rebuild the site using WordPress with the Performag theme from Thrive Themes.

Performag is a magazine style theme that automates many of the tedious chores which lead to our neglect of the original site. Since we have several years of traffic & income data from the old site this makes a wonderful test of the effectiveness of the performag theme in restoring the site to its former popularity. 

Passive income is king.

With interest rates and yield on investments so low we are always looking for safe and reliable sources of passive income. AdSense has provided this to us for many years. It has fallen out of popularity over the years and now webinars and online courses are all the rage. They are not passive! In fact, they take a lot of work. AdSense still looks like the best way to a stable longterm passive income.

Plans for Old Woodworking Tools​

Replace the featured images with pictures of old tools to increase the visual attractiveness of the site.​

Add videos of old  tools in action.

Write posts about the interesting things we find reading through the catalog. For example, the old tools used hundreds of pounds of steel. That has changed and the steel based economies of the "rust belt" mirror that change.