Adze eye, Brad hammer, Riveting hammer 0038

AS TO POSTAGE. —In ordering Hammers to be sent by mail, enough must be included to cover the weight of the handle and packing.
AS TO SHAPE —The different Hammers are furnished in all of the most desirable shapes and styles; they are nearly all of the Adze Eye pattern, the style known as Joiner's pattern (see Fig. 3247) having gone almost entirely out of use.

ADZE EYE, REGULAR STYLE. (Mayydole.)The No. 0 is a new size, heavier than anything made heretofore.

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ADZE EYE, BELL FACE. ( Maydole.)These Hammers have faces slightly rounding; are used quite extensively for finishing work, although we find many mechanics who prefer them for general use, and have noticed that when once a mechanic uses this style of hammer he rarely changes back to the others.

ADZE EYE, OCTAGON POLL. This style of Hammer has become very popular within the past eight or ten years. The face is a trifle rounder than the Regular style, and not quite so round as the Bell Face style. These Hammers are made of fine tool steel, handsomely finished and nickel plated.

ADZE EYE, NEWARK PATTERN. This is a heavy, strong tool. The claws are less curved, and the face is somewhat of an octagon shape. This style of Hammer is very popular in the East. A splendid tool for general and heavy work.

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NAIL HOLDING HAMMER. Made in one size

BRAD HAMMER. A very light, convenient little tool for pattern and other delicate work.

RIVETING HAMMER. ( Maydole. ) This Hammer is used quite extensively by carriage trimmers. In style it is quite like a farrier's hammer. One size, No. 253, weight 8 oz., price,

UPHOLSTERERS' HAMMER. The above cut shows the most popular style of Upnolsterer's Hammer. This Hammer is made of tool steel, with rosewood handle. Though intended principally for upholsterer's use, it is a very convenient tool for any one using small brads and tacks, and for working in corners or contracted spaces.

Horseshoe magnet hammer. This Hammer is especially designed for Card Advertising work, but can be used for many purposes. It is made of fine tool steel, and is a strong, permanent magnet.

We carry in stock and can furnish a great variety of Hammers different from those shown here. In our Metal Workers' Tool catalogue will be found a complete line of Machinists' Hammers.
Besides these we can furnish Tinners', Pavers', Coopers', Geologists', Slaters', and Stone Cutters' Hammers, etc., etc.

Adze eye, Brad hammer, Riveting hammer