Architects level, + Try & Miter Squares 0064

ARCHITECTS' LEVEL This Level has met with a very large sale among architects, builders, millwrights, and others engaged in construction, and among engineers and surveyors by whom it is used in city work. It has a telescope 12 inches long, with dust shade and cross-hairs, fine divided bubble, object glass with rack-movement, eye piece adjustable, horizontal circle 3 in. divided to degrees with vernier reading to 5 minutes. The Instrument is screwed on tripod, and is packed in box with Plumb Bob, Reading Glass, Screw Driver, Adjusting Pins, and Metal Trivet. Taken altogether, it is a most serviceable and compact Instrument.

TRY SQUARES. We present here a very complete line of Try Squares; a number of styles shown in former catalogues are omitted, while three or four new ones have been added. The Try Square (Fig. 3478) with hardened blade, is a new tool, and is, we believe, the best wood workers' Try Square in the market. The Starrett Combination Square (Fig. 3483) still holds its own as a favorite among those who want a first-class tool at a reasonable price, No tool we sell has ever met with greater favor than this, and at the reduced prices the demand will no doubt be still further increased. Among the Try Squares omitted are the old styles of rosewood stock, graduated blade and rosewood stock combination. There has been so much competition in these that the goods of this class in the market are for the most part unreliable and unfit for use, and as good Try Squares can be furnished at so low a price, it seems unnecessary for us to handle, or our customers to buy the others. This is our lowest priced Try Square, and an excellent tool at the price, It is square inside and out, the blade is graduated, the handle Nickel Plated

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Try squares for sale on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

NOTE —In a Book of Tools" (our metal workers' catalogue) will be found a complete line of ?Machinists' Squares, Bevels and Protractors. See page 744 of this brook.
TOOLS BY MAIL —A great many Tools described and illustrated in this book can be sent by mail. We will be pleased to state cost of mailing upon application,
This is, we believe, the best Try Square that has been placed upon the market for wood workers' use since Darling, Brown & Sharpe discontinued making wood workers' squares (about ten years ago). There is a demand for a fine Try Square of this class, and we believe that in this Square will be found the desired qualities. The blade is hardened, and not graduated. This Square and the No. 60 are guaranteed to be absolutely accurate.
This is the same Square as No. 61, but with Graduated Blade, not hardened.
This is a combination Try and Miter Square which can be used conveniently as either. It has Iron Frame Handle with Inlaid Black Wal-
nut Sides, Graduated Steel Blades, square inside and out.
This is in general style the same as No. 12. The blade can be secured at any point. It will be found an excellent tool in doing short work about windows, doors, etc.
This is a strong, well made tool, is square in-side and out, the handle is inlaid in Rosewood, making it light and strong.
Improved Try and Miter Square, with Cast Brass Stock and Plain Steel Blade, 7i in. long, Blued. The face of the stock is
while the extending portion is re x l i. This admits of use in many places not possible with No. 1.

Architects level, + Try & Miter Squares