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Babbitt & other anti-friction metals 0112

For a number of years past, there has been a great tendency among Babbitt and Anti-Friction Metal manufacturers to in-crease their profits by putting out a low grade metal, giving it a fancy title, and, by "Circus-poster" advertising and constant drumming, getting a high price for it. The composition of the standard mixtures of anti-friction metals are so generally known, that it is not easy for manufacturers to get more than a smelter's profit; and the manufacturers of these metals cannot afford to give a "Chromo" with every sale, and in fact rarely employ traveling men. With the "Fancy-brand" manufacturer the case is quite different, and the "woods are full" of agents, selling the greatest and best Babbitt Metal on earth. They can well afford to spend a whole day's time on a hundred pound order, as they usually get from 18 to 30 cents per lb. for metal that costs them from 5 to 8 cents per lb. to make.

For the last two or three years, there has been a "Kilkenny Cat" fight between several of the leading fancy brand Anti-friction Metal manufacturers. " When thieves fall out, honest men get their dues." One of the results of the fight has been to expose quite thoroughly the different compositions of the various alloys, and here are some of them:
No. 1. No 2. No. 3.
Lead, 78.27 Lead, 76.14 Zinc, 92.
Antim. 16. Antim. 17.82 Cop'r, 3.
Tin. 5.73 Tin, 6.04 Tin, 5.
No 4. Nos No.6.
Lead, 79 I t Lead, 80. Zinc, 81 46
Antim 15 73 Antirn 16 Cop'r, 1.25
Tin, 3.64 Tin. 4 Tin, 15.71
Iron, 1.52 Lead, 1.58
The actual cost of the above alloys runs from 5 to 8 cents per lb., and they are sold at prices ranging from 14 to as high as 30 cents per lb.

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OUR METALS. The combination of Lead, Antimony, Tin and Copper hasproved to be the best for Antifriction purposes, and all the difference in price should arise from the greater or less quantity of tin used, that being the most costly ingredient. We carry in stock five grades of Babbitt Metal, and these metals are simply standard mixtures; can be depended upon for uniformity, only the best of material being used, and the quality fitting price. The lower priced Metals all have their proper uses, and there are many places where a high-priced Metal is unnecessary and extravagant. For general purposes our "C," "D"and even the "E" brand will prove acceptable.

In comparing prices of Genuine Babbitt with other metals, one important fact must be borne in mind: Genuine Babbitt being composed largely of tin, has less specific gravity, and a job that would require 25 lbs. of Genuine would take from 30 to 35 lbs. of the cheaper grades, which are composed largely of lead.

We sell more of our "A" brand Genuine Babbitt than any other. The formula of this is: Tin, 88 parts; Copper, 4 parts; 1 Antimony, 8 parts. This when made properly and of the best stock, viz: Lake '( Copper, Cookson's Antimony, and Banca Tin, surpasses anything else that can be made as an Anti-friction Metal. This Metal will run for years at 10,000 speed and 1,000 tons pressure.

"B" BABBITT. This Metal has less Tin than the Genuine and contains a percentage of lead.

"C" BABBITT. The "C " Babbitt will be found superior to most of the fancy brands, and is Suitable for general purposes.

"D" BABBITT. This Metal is fully equal to most of the socalled "Best on earth" Babbitt Metals, and can be used to good advantage for light and medium work, running at fair speed.

"E" BABBITT. This is equal to brands usually sold in hardware stores; it is composed of Lead, with a small percentage of Antimony added.

SPECIAL NOTICE. In order to get the best results, Babbitt Metal should be thoroughly stirred before pouring. The metals composing Babbitt being of different gravities, it is necessary that it should be well mixed.

SOLDER. For general purposes the best Solder is that composed of 51 parts of tin and 49 parts lead. The Solder that is generally sold by hardware dealers is what is known as Half and Half,"and the name is misleading, for at least 90 per cent of it is composed of not more than 45 parts of tin to 55 of lead We have tested some brands, and find that they contain but 40 parts of tin, the balance being lead. For plumbers' use and some few other purposes, a Solder composed of 40 parts tin and 60 parts lead, answers very well. We sell but the one quality, and we will guarantee all Of our Solder to contain not less than 50 per cent of tin.

BAR SOLDER. The Bars are about 1 in. wide, 1i in thick, 13 in long, and weigh about if lbs.

TRIANGULAR SOLDER. Size about in. x 15 in long. Bars weigh about 5 oz.

WIRE SOLDER We can furnish this in different diameters, but carry in stock but one size.

The above named prices on Solder are for small quantities. Special prices will be given upon application, stating quantity.

SOLDERING COPPER. The above cut shows what is known as the Pointed Pattern, this being a most commonly used style. We can furnish to order Flat, Roofing, and Hatchet patterns.

ELLIOTT'S SOLDERING FLUID. This is a noncorrosive fluid, and takes the place of the muriatic acid solution ordinarily used in soft soldering. It is recommended by the best concerns in the country. We carry it in 1 and 4 oz. botties; price, $0.15 and $0.30. Can furnish it in larger packages at a proportionately less price.

BUTTLE'S CHARCOAL FIRE POT The Buttle's Charcoal Firepot, as shown In Fig. 1527, Is the most popular one with tinsmiths. These Fire-pots are nicely Japanned.

BRAZING SPELTER This is often times known as Harc Solder It is used extensively by bicycle manufacturers, machine shops, copper smiths, and model makers, for brazing to
soldering steel, iron, copper, etc Thereare two varieties.

ROUND GRAIN SPELTER The Round Grain is quick running and is the most commonly used for general purposes. We sell 10 lbs. of this to one of the other.

LONG GRAIN SPELTER. The Long Grain is harder, and is used more especially for large and heavy work.

SILVER SOLDER. We sell Silver Solder principally for use in Brazing or welding Band Saws, and it is also used where a nice, strong joint is required.

Babbitt & other anti-friction metals