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Ball Bearing Axles are a vast improvement over leather washers. 0183

BALL BEARING AXLES Ball Bearing Axles are a demonstrated success just as much as the Bicycle is. Friction is reduced to minimum ; they are clean, neat and durable, dust and water-proof. Wheels can be taken from and put on the axle as quickly as on an ordinary axle, and without disturbing the adjustment. They can be put into old wheels. Parts subject to wear are made of tool steel and are interchangeable.

Vehicles fitted with Ball Bearings require less than one half the power to propel, are always ready for service (not requiring the careful oiling and adjustment of leather washers as with a common axle), are more comfortable to ride on, and free from wheel grease. We believe that we have the best Ball Bearing Axle in the market. Circular and prices will be mailed upon application.

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BOLT AND RIVET CLIPPER. This style of Bolt Clipper is coming into very general use; is strong and substantial, simple and easy of adjustment. Made in three sizes.

OTHER MACHINERY. We can furnish complete outfits of Machinery for the manufacture of Hubs, Spokes, Felloes, and all Wagon, Plow and other Wood Work. The following cuts are simply put in as suggestions, and comprise but a small portion of the line. Full description of any of these machines furnished upon application.