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BAND CUTOFF SAW. This machine is designed for cutting off logs to any length required, such as stock for Shingles or Heading, Veneer or Basket work, Excelsior Wood Pulp. In this machine the Feed Rolls are all driven, making it a strong, positive feeder. The machine is capable of ripping 100,000 ft. of stock lumber in ten hours. Arbor carries two saws; one being stationary, the other adjustable. Feed Works have two changes of speed. Cut represents a right-hand machine.

Price of machine includes 2 Stationary and 2 Movable Collars, and four 14 in. Saws, these allowing the sawyer to keep a set of sharp saws constantly on. Lath, Pickets, in fact any cross cutting of logs or timber that is ordinarily done by circular or drag saw machines.

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Among the points of advantage are: The power required is from i to i of that needed by other machines: the log does not need dogging or holding while being cut; the machine requires no foundation or strong fastening, and being perfectly balanced, it is handled easily, and has positive adjustments at all points. It leaves the sawed ends clean and smooth, and considering the power required, it has a cutting capacity far beyond any other device for similar work.

These machines are furnished in five sizes. The 24 in. Machine will take any size log up to 24 in. diam.; the 28 in. Machine, logs up to 28 in. diam., and so on. Price includes 2 Saws and complete fixtures.

hand, and as the process of changing saws is simple and quickly done, sharp saws will be used in preference to dull ones, insuring smoother and nicer work.

The cut shows the No. 2 Machine. The Arbor is 3 inches in diam., double keyseated, and has 3 Bearings, one on each side of the driving pulley and one at the end. An important improvement is the method of removing end box so as to conveniently remove the saws.
No.1 extra heavy Gang Edger, $743.75. Will saw 48 in. wide and 6 in. thick. Has 3 Fluted Feed Rolls driven, Double Binder Rolls, front and back. One Stationary and 1 Movable Gauge, 1 Stationary and 2 Movable Saws, and 1 Gang

CANT HOOKS. These are furnished with either Hick Collar for 4 saws, making 7 saws in all. Weight, 5200 lbs.
No. 2 heavy Gang Edger, $637.50. Will saw 48 in. wide and 6 in. thick. Has 2 Fluted Feed Rolls driven. Other equipments same as No. 1. Weight, 4700lbs.
No. 3. Gang Edger. $361.25. Will saw 36 in. wide and 5 in. thick. Has 2 Fluted Feed Rolls driven, Binder Roll front and back, 1 Movable Gauge, 1 Stationary and 2 Movable Saws. Weight, 3000 lbs.

Band cutoff saw - Producton woodworking machines