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BAND SAW GUIDES. It is a well known fact that where saws run against stationary guide plates, the heat generated by the friction, causes saws to expand and crystallize. This is, no doubt, the greatest cause of saws checking and breaking. There are three or four styles of Patent NonFriction Band Saw Guides in the market. The " Wright" is the best known, and we presume there are not less than twenty thousand of these in use. The "Mohawk Dutchman" and "Simonds" are also well and favorably known. All of these are firstclass in all respects, and we believe the cost of a NonFriction Saw Guide will be easily covered in less than a year's time, both in saving of blades and ease in working.

POSTS. In ordering Band Saw Guides, give number of Posts as near as can be judged from above sketches. Also give maker's name of machine, and distance from Post to back of saw. If the Post differs from the above, send sketch giving measurements, also state width of saws. For Under Guides give distance from back of saw to casting, and send rough sketch of how old guide is applied.

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No. 1 Guide, $8.50; this is the size most generally used, and is suitable for saws wide and upwards.
No. 2 Under Guide, $7.50. The Under Guide, while not as essential as the other, can be used to good advantage in connection with it.
No. 3 Band Mill and Re-Saw Guide, $11.50; this is a heavy Guide intended for band mill work and especially for large saws.

"MOHAWK DUTCHMAN" BAND SAW GUIDE. No. 1, $9.50, suitable for all sizes of band saws; has ball bearings.

THE SIMONDS' GUIDE. Price, $8.50. Suitable for all sizes; has ball bearings.

BAND SAW BLADES. We are sorry that we cannot offer to our customers the best Band Saw Blades in the world, but then this need not discourage the buyer, for he will have no trouble in finding fifty different concerns who have the best, and we are rather unique in being outside of their company. Seriously, our Band Saw Blades are the best that we can procure. We believe them to be equal to any, and much better in quality than the average. All of our saws are brazed to any specified length without extra charge. For Filing and Setting ready for use, we charge 40 cents extra for all sizes up to $ in., and 60 cents for 1 to 11 in. inclusive.

These prices are for Blades of standard gauges, and as above stated, include brazing to length. Can furnish tempered stock in the coil to any given length up to 400 ft.
Price of vg and $ in. wide, per ft.,
6 cts.; 35a and $ in. wide, per ft., 7 cts.
in. wide $0.08 $ in. wide $0.10

SILVER SOLDER. Silver Solder is generally conceded to be the best material for brazing band saws. Our Silver Solder is guaranteed to be equal to any, and much better than the average; it contains from 10 to 20 per cent more pure silver than is common. Inferior Solder can sometimes be recognized by the yellow, brassy color; ours is almost pure white. A special feature is the thickness. The average Silver Solder is about .012 thick, while ours is .005. Our Solder is amply thick for all requirements, and where thicker solder is used, the surplus is filed off and simply goes to waste, so that one ounce of the thin will do quite as much good work as two ounces of the thick solder. Comes in rolls. Price, per oz., $1.35; i oz., $0.75.

SPECIAL BAND SAW SOLDER. There are a dozen or more concerns offering Band Saw Brazing Solders that are claimed to be just as good as Silver Solder, and selling at from 5 to 25 cents per ounce (80 cents to $4.00 per lb.). To the best of our knowledge these Special Solders are all practically the same thing —that is— regular Brazing Spelter, such as is found on page 818 of this catalogue. It is an excellent material for brazing band saws, but in our judgment, not by any means equal to the Silver Solder, and to those of our customers who, for reasons of (questionable) economy, prefer a cheaper article, we would recommend the Brazing Spelter —unless they prefer to pay some one else from 75 cents to $4.00 per lb. for the identical material that we list at 28 cents.

Band saw blades & silver solder