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SAW SHARPENERS AND GUMMERS. These machines have been on the market for nearly ten years, and have met with wonderful success. We will guarantee them to do everything that is claimed. It has been proved by experience that saws regularly sharpened on these machines do more and better work, consume less power, and stay sharp longer, than those filed by hand. They not only sharpen the teeth perfectly in less than one-third of the time required by hand filing, but keep them gummed and uniform in size and shape. The saws are kept perfectly round, the teeth all projecting the same distance from the center. There are in use in our own city in saw mills, planing mills and factories, upwards of sixty of these machines, and we have never heard a single complaint. They take the place most effectively of the expensive and complicated machines sold for the same purpose. No files are needed where these machines are used, excepting for very fine teeth.


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No. 1 machine is especially adapted for sharpening Rip and Crosscut Circular Saws from 6 to 40 inches in diameter. Semi-Automatic, $50.00, Including Setting Block, 3 Emery Wheels, Belt, Tight and Loose Pulleys, Table and Guard over wheel. Attachment for Sharpening Band Saws 1 to 3 in. wide, having teeth from i to 2i in. apart, $10.00. Attachment making machine Automatic in its action on Rip Saws, $15.00.

NO. 2 MACHINE. This machine is the same as the No. 1, but heavier and suitable for saws from 8 to 48 inches in diameter. Designed especially for shingle mills and small Saws about saw mills. Semi-Automatic, $65.00, including 3 Emery Wheels, Belt, Tight and Loose Pulleys, and Guard over wheel. Attachment making machine Automatic in its action on Rip Saws. $20.00.

NO. 3 AUTOMATIC. This is the largest machine we have, and is intended for saws from 8 to 72 inches in diam. Semi-Automatic, $75.00, including 3 Emery Wheels, Belt, Tight and Loose Pulleys, and Guard over wheel. Attachment making machine Automatic in its action on Rip Saws, $25.00.

AUTOMATIC ATTACHMENT. As will be noticed, all three of these machines can be furnished with Automatic Attachments for sharpening Rip Saws. We sell about ten machines without Automatic Attachment to one with, as the majority of users generally have someone to look after the machine while in operation. There are circumstances, however, under which the Automatic Attachment may be found quite a valuable feature.

SAW GUMMER. This is a most excellent machine, simple, and low in price. The ordinary grinder is quite unsuitable for gumming saws, as the wheel should be under the immediate control of the operator, who should be close to the wheel, and be able to move it to the saw while the latter remains stationary. The machine consists of a frame, with spindle and emery wheel, double pivoted hinge attached to bracket on table, adjustable chuck for holding saws, and guides and stops which make it unnecessary to mark off the saw before gumming.

COMBINED MACHINE. This is an excellent machine for a toolroom. It is a combined Moulding Bit, Tool, Circular Saw and Shimer Cutter Grinder. The Head Grinding Attachment acts as a vise to hold the head while adjusting the cutter. It completes the work of sharpening, no files being used. It does the work in much less time than it can be done by hand, and keeps the cutters in better shape; is very simple, and can be quickly changed to suit any size of head, or any angle or bevel on the knife. The Saw Gumming and Sharpening Attachment is very effective for saws up to 20 in. The Tool Grinder with its various shaped wheels is a great convenience. The price includes 5 wheels, also belt.

BAND SAW SHARPENER. Simple in design and easily operated. After the teeth of a band saw have been put into good and uniform shape by the use of this machine, but little attention is needed to maintain them in perfect shape and efficiency. The sharpening is finished complete, and is better than can be done by hand. The pawl moves the saw to the left at the rate of about 35 teeth to the minute. The emery wheel moves in and out of each tooth as it passes, grinding either front, throat, or back, or all three, as may be deemed necessary. Machine is sent out complete in every particular, ready for the saw.

Band saw sharpeners & gummers