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BRAZERS AND LAMPS.There are in the market a great variety of Band Saw Brazers and Lamps. We present here two Brazers which are, we believe, the best of their respective types. The oldfashioned brazing tongs and clamp holds its own pretty well, but this method is rather clumsy and tedious, takes a great deal of time, and the joint is rarely true and straight, especially on small work, as the heavy tongs are apt to bend and crook the saw.

Within the past year we have sold large numbers of the Gasoline Electric Forge (page 811), to be used in connection with the ordinary brazing clamp. For saws up to 1 inch in width it is the most effective brazing outfit we know of. It does the work quickly and well, costs considerably less than any of the brazing machines, and the forge can be used for many other purposes about the shop, such as burning off paint, heating soldering irons, etc., etc. Some people object to these forges on account of a prejudice against gasoline, but there is really little —if any— danger.
However, we must leave it to the purchaser to judge as to what he will have, simply stating that they are all good.

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BAND SAW BRAZER. This, like the following, is suitable for saws of all widths up to 1i in. It is designed so that one casting answers the purpose of a Scarfing Frame, Brazing Clamp and Air Pump. With this machine a saw can be brazed in less than three minutes, and the time consumed in filing the laps, brazing and dressing the joint need not be more than from five to eight minutes. Price, $10.00.

BRAZING LAMP. This lamp is used with kerosene ; the two flames meeting at the saw produce great heat. Saws are brazed free from kinks and curved backs. Is suitable for band saws of all widths up to 1 i in. Price, $10.00.

AUTOMATIC BAND SAW SET. This is a very simple and effective tool. We have sold it for twenty years; have never had but one returned (so long ago that we have quite forgotten the reason why). By simply turning the crank, it sets from 75 to 150 teeth per minute.

We have just brought out a new machine of this same style, heavier, stronger, and somewhat better made. It costs more, the price being $12.00. For those who have a good deal of work to do, we think it is well worth the difference. Is suitable for blades from 1 inch wide upwards, and for any saw where the teeth are not coarser than 1 in. apart. Descriptive circular will be sent upon application.

LITTLE GIANT BAND SAW SET. The "Little Giant" Band Saw Set is well known, and this machine has some improved features which make it more desirable than the old style. This Set, as well as the following one ( Fig. 4045) is of a different type from the Automatic Band Saw Set (Fig. 4043), in that it works right and left-hand, setting each tooth as it goes along instead of having to set one side and then turn the saw blade around to set the other. Is used on saw while on the machine—a convenient feature. Price, $10.00.

STAR BAND SAW SETTING MACHINE. This machine will set saws from -k to 2 in. wide; will set an ordinary saw in six minutes, giving it a correct and uniform Set. Is intended for power, but may be used with hand wheel, which is furnished if desired. Gives better satisfaction when used by power. Price, $13.50.

BAND SAW FILERS. Band Saw Filing machines have been greatly improved during the past ten years. Eight or ten years ago we sold numbers of an imported Band Saw Filing machine at $125.00 each. Today we furnish as good a machine at one-third of the price.

PERFECT FILING MACHINE. The above cut illustrates a machine for filing band saws, which is simple, practical and reasonable in price. The use of this machine will save twothirds of the ordinary expense as compared with hand filing. Price, complete, $35.00. Counter-shaft, if desired, $5.00.

WATERBURY BAND SAW FILER. This machine is somewhat similar in its action to the foregoing, but of different design. It will file an ordinary 20 ft. band saw in ten minutes better than an experienced workman can file the same by hand. Accurately joints each tooth in filing, thereby lessening the liability of saws breaking; is adjustable for saws from 1/2 to 2 1/2 in. wide; uses an ordinary 6 or 7 in. taper file, which swings into position, removing burr at the finish the same as in hand filing. Can be instantly started or stopped at any point, by a clutch mechanism, without shifting the driving belt. Price of Floor machine fitted with Legs, Reels, Standards, etc., complete. $45.00. Bench machine, $38.00.

Bandsaw brazing & setting