Beach scroll saw & foot powered saws 0135

NO. 1 BEACH SCROLL SAW.The Beach Co. have for many years made a specialty of Scroll Sawing machines, and their machines are probably better known than any other. There are over ten thousand of them in use (nearly as many as all other makes put together). We have never heard a criticism or complaint. It has many points of superiority which go to make it the most easily handled machine in the market. This machine when running can be stopped, changed from a long to a short saw, and started again in less than ten seconds. Each machine has a plate 8 inches in diam. let into the bed around the saw to prevent wearing hollowing. The Friction Pulley and Combination Brake is a desirable feature, by which the saw is made to start and stop instantly by a single movement of the foot, without shifting the belt. A strong, self-acting steel clamp holds lower end of saw, and broken saws can be used without drilling or punching holes through them.
One simple and useful feature is the Air Pump, which keeps the saw clear from saw dust, and enables the operator to see just what he is doing. The bed is 38x40 in., crank shaft 1-146 diam., running in 31 in. bearings with pulley between them. A complete set of Saws, Filed and Set, ready for use, are sent with each machine. Every machine is set up and run at the shop before shipping, so that there is no danger of customers getting faulty machines.

No. 1 machine, $100.00. This machine has Tilting Table, which is a very desirable feature, especially for pattern work; weight, 500 lbs.
No. 2 machine, $86.00 ; this is exactly the same as the No. 1 machine, but with Stationary Table; weight, 450 lbs.

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NO. 4 BEACH SCROLL SAW. The upper works in the No. 4 machine are the same as those in the No. 1. The bed is 36x38 in.; crank shaft, 1 in. diam., with 3 in. bearing. The four uprights in lower frame are made of selected rock maple 3 in. square. It is a solid, well made and rigid machine.

BAND SAWS. BUSH BAND SAW. This is a new machine brought out to meet the demand for a low priced article. The workmanship is fair, and taken altogether, it is an excellent machine for the money. The wheels are 20 inches in diam., covered with rubber tires; upper wheel can be adjusted to keep saw in alignment, and has also an up and down adjustment of several inches to accommodate saws of different lengths. The table is 20x24 in., glued-up hard wood, and can be tilted to any angle. The saw to frame at back of table 20 in. Price, $40.00, including two saw blades and Brazing outfit. Weight of machine, 250 lbs.

FOOT POWER SAW. We can furnish the above machine arranged with treadle for foot powerat the same price. Some of our customers who have bought these machines, like them, but as they are not geared, they work rather slowly, and somewhat hard as well, and the mechanic who "kicks" this machine for ten hours doesn't need any one to tell him he has been working that day.

20 INCH HAND AND FOOT POWER BAND SAW. This is our latest improved 20 in. machine, suitable for medium and light work, sufficiently strong to withstand all demands that may be made upon it. It is a well made tool; the gears are machine cut; table is of wood and tilts for cutting on a bevel. Saw Pulleys are 20 inches in diam., turned and covered with endless rubber band strengthened with canvass. Will cut to center of 40 in. circle. Top Guide is a roller guide wheel made of hardened steel. Distance between table and upper guides, 7 in. Table is 22x22 in., and is 3 ft., 4 in. from floor. The upper bearing for band wheel is adjustable up and down by means of a hand wheel. It is the only good Hand and Foot Power machine in the market that we know of.

36″ and larger bandsaws