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This tool for ordinary beading or for center beading can not be surpassed. By adjustment of the fence , center beading can be done up to 5 in. from the edge of the board. Except for working across the grain the spurs need not be used.


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Two interchangeable front parts go with this tool. The form shown above is that of a BullNose Plow ; and the cutter will easily work up to and into a 1 inch hole, or any larger size, as in sash fitting, stair work, etc. With the other front on, it takes the ordinary form of a Plow, and is adapted to all regular uses.
With each tool eight Plow Bits (1,A, A, $, 3b, and $ inch), a Fillister Cutter and a Slitting Blade are furnished; also a Tonguing Tool (I inch).
No. 141, $4.75; Bull-Nose Plow, Filletster and Matching Plane.
No. 143, $3.38; same as the above, but without Filletster.


The front section of the plane to which the cutter is attached is movable up and down. It can be firmly secured to the rear section of the plane at any desired point by means of a thumb screw. Without the use of any other tool this plane will do perfect chamfer or stop chamfer work of all ordinary widths.
When the two sections are clamped together so as to form an even base line, the tool can be used as an ordinary bench plane.
For Beading, Reeding, or moulding a chamfer, an additional section to this plane is furnished, with 6 cutters sharpened at both ends, including a variety of ornamental forms.
No. 72, $1.35, 9 in. long, 1$ in. cutter. No. 721, $2.03; same as No. 72, but with Beading and Moulding attachment.

This plane has two separate cutters at a suitable distance apart, and the guide is set as shown below, both cutters work and a tongue can be made. When the guide is swung round it covers one of the cutters, and also serves as a guide for grooving an exact match for the tongue.

COMBINATION PLANES. Year after year the demand for Combination Planes has increased. Their convenient and valuable qualities have made them a necessary tool in every carpenter's outfit. From time to time they have been improved, and by reason of the largely increased output the prices have been reduced, until at the present time these planes, with twice as many valuable features as they formerly had, are sold at one-half the former price.
There have been a great many different types and styles of Combination Planes placed upon the market during our nearly thirty years' experience as dealers, and there are very few that we have not examined and sold.
We present in this catalogue a limited number, but all are of the latest and best styles.

This is the most popular of the Combination Planes, and there are perhaps more of these in use than all other Combination Planes put together. The above is an illustration of the latest improved form. Have lately added an additional plow and dado bit 4 in., and a sash tool, making 20 tools in all that are now sent out with this plane. The cutters are adjusted by a screw, and also the depth gauge has the screw adjustment, both features adding greatly to the precision with which the plane can be worked. A Removable Rosewood Face is attached to the Fence; the Plane is nickel plated, and is sent out already set up for working, packed in a neat wooden box.

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In each of its several forms this Plane will do perfect work; even in the hands of an ordinary mechanic —its simplicity of construction and adaptation of parts (as described in the directions which accompany each tool) being easily understood.
Each Plane is accompanied by seven Beading Tools ($, i,;, 4, A, #, is and i inch), ten Plow and Dado Bits (, 34, 4, 36, 4, 44and 4 inch ), a Slitting Tool, a Tonguing Tool, and a Sash Tool.
STYLES OF TOOLS. Above cut shows the styles of Tools that are embraced in the set of 20 tools.

These are additional parts to be used only with No. 45 Plane, and they are not included in the regular assortment sent out with plane. The outline cuts show exact size of Cutters; the prices are for a pair, complete.
No. 6 8 10 12
Price, $0.95 $0.95 $0.95 $0.95
We can also furnish a NOSING TOOL for the No. 45 Plane, to be attached the same as Hollows and Rounds. It has 1r in. Cutter. Price, $0.75.

Additional tools for REEDING (see Nos. 212 to 235, page 637), consisting of 2, 3, 4 or 5 beads each, can be furnished at prices given below.

Beading Plane and others