Belt driven, industrial sanding machines 0124

PEDESTAL SAND BELT MACHINE. This is a very good machine, at a moderate price. Being independently mounted, a belt of any length may be used. The machine provides for taking up the belt 2 it. Driving Pulley is 22x6 in. Idler Pulley 14x6 in. Price, $67.00.

NO. 0 STRAPPING MACHINE. This machine, although designed more especially for metal work, can be used to good advantage on all Strapping work. Is intended to use a belt 12 ft. long. Distance between centers of flange pulleys 36 in.; diam. of flange pulleys 8 in.; driving pulley 14 in.

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SOMETHING ELSE —It is possible that none of these machines fit your case; if not, we may be able to help you out. Only tell us just what you want to do.

SANDING MACHINES. The line of machines shown and described here is very complete, and will cover amply the needs of those who require machines of this class. All of the machines shown are of excellent quality.

HAND FEED SANDER. This machine is adapted for polishing all kinds of wood work. The frame is made of thoroughly seasoned lumber, tables are of iron, of good length, and are planed true on both sides; each one being adjustable, they can be brought close together or removed to give free access to sand drum. The Drum is provided with Vertical Adjustment on both ends.

DOUBLE SAND DISC MACHINE. This is a heavy, rigid machine. The Discs are glued-up in three thickness of kiln dried wood, with the grain crossed. Discs are 30 or 36 inches in diam. The Tables are of glued-up cherry, but may be of iron if so ordered. One is stationary, the other is usually made to adjust to an angle. Both may be adjusted vertically. This machine may be belted through the frame if necessary. The Clamp Rings lie in the "Rabbet" turned in the face of the disc, and draw the sand paper down over a rounded shoulder, without ridges or laps on the flat surface, no wrenches being required for this operation. Plain Discs without Slide Clamping Rings can be furnished if preferred, at lower price.

DISC AND DRUM SANDER.We can furnish a Combination Sander with Tapering Drum on end of arbor opposite disc. This has 1 Disc and Tilting Table, and is made on the same frame as the above, with 30 in. Disc, and 13 in. Drum.

NO. 1 COMBINED DISC AND DRUM SANDER. The frame of this machine is of hard wood, well finished. The Drum and Disc are made of any diameter to suit purchaser; the Disc usually from 24 to 30 in., the Drum 12 in. tiiam. and 24 in. long. Disc is of iron, with a handy and effective Clamping device, for fastening paper. The Table comes very close to the disc, affording a steady support for short work, and can be readily removed when changing paper by loosening the hand-wheels shown at the bottom.

NO. 2 COMBINED DISC AND DRUM SANDER. This machine is the same style as No. 1, with the addition of an extra Drum. Is desirable where Drums of different diameters are wanted, or of like diameters with different grades of sand paper. Drums are made of any diameter, the ones on this machine being 8 and 12 inches in. diam. and 24 in. long. Price, $110.00; weight, 800 lbs.

UNIVERSAL SANDER. This machine is used in Cabinet, Furniture, Organ, and Job shops for smoothing the edges of Scrolls, Brackets, and irregular pieces of all kinds, whether wholly curved or partially straight. A perfectly smooth surface is produced; the machine will easily do the work of four or five men, and save 75 per cent of the sand paper, besides leaving a better and truer surface. The Spindle has a reciprocating motion (to wear the paper evenly). Disc is provided with a ring for clamping sand paper, and is usually made 21 in. in diam. Disc table can be tilted to an angle. On this machine two persons can work at the same time.

Belt driven, industrial sanding machines