Bohannan Locks were Number two in 1897 0187_f

BOHANNAN LOCKS AND LATCHES. These goods are of most excellent quality, and, excepting the Yale, are the best made goods we know of.

RIM NIGHT LATCH. No. 165. $1.00 ; heavy bronze bolt, brass knob, has 4 tumblers. Can furnish this latch made of all bronze metal; price, $1.75.

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MORTISE NIGHT LATCH. No. 175, $1.65; bronze bolt and knob.

SHUT THAT DOOR! BUT DON'T SLAM IT L'LOUNT DOOR CHECK AND SPRING. We have sold hundreds of these, and believe them to be the best Check and Spring ever placed on the market. Size A, $3.20; used for Light Doors.

RIM STORE DOOR. LOCK. No. 199, $2.00. Size 44x24 ; 7 tumblers, bronze bolt and knob. Opens and locks from inside without key.

RIM NIGHT LATCH PADLOCKS. All PadLocks are priced with 2 keys to each. This style of Lock is used largely by the U. S. Government, in various Departments,is a good lock and very reasonable in price ; made in but one size, 24 inch. Each, $0.60 ; per doz., $6.00.

BRONZE METAL SPRING PADLOCK. The above cut represents a style of Padlock that is very popular for general purposes. They are very strong and secure, having three tumblers. The sizes given are in width, the most commonly used sizes being the 2 and 21 inch.

AUTOMATIC. No. 411, same as 400, but nickel plated on brass, and with chain for bicycle. This Lock has very large shackle; is used largely for grating and special iron work; three tumbler; size, 2; inch; made of cast bronze metal.

SPECIAL LOCK. CHAMPION 6-LEVER EXTRA SMALL AND EXTRA LARGE PADLOCKS. We carry in stock a line of both small and large locks, same style as shown in Fig. 1971, but with brass keys. These are of most excellent quality, and can be depended upon both for security and strength. This is the best cheap lock that we know of. Although very low in price, it is well made and durable. Made in two sizes, about 14 and 2 in. in width. The 1 inch lock is used for Bicycle and similar purposes, the 2 inch for general purposes.

Bohannan Locks were Number two in 1897