Brass, Beech & Rosewood Marking Guages 0092

Marking GAUGES. All of the following Marking Gauges have an Adjusting Point of finely tempered steel, which may be readily removed and sharpened. The point can be thrust down as it wears away, or should it become broken, can easily be replaced. All Gauges with Brass Thumb Screws have also a Brass Shoe inserted in the head under the end of the thumb screw; this shoe protects the gauge bar from being dented by the action of the screw, and the broad surface of the shoe holds the head more firmly in position, with less wear of the screw thread.

No. 62, $0.09, Beech, Polished, Box-wood Thumb Screw.
No. 64, $0.13, Beech, Polished, Plated Head, Boxwood Thumb Screw.
No. 65, $0.23, Boxwood, Polished, Plated Head, Brass Thumb Screw and Shoe.
No. 66, $0.27, Rosewood, Oval Plated Head and Bar, Brass Thumb Screw and Shoe.

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DOUBLE GAUGES. ( Marking and Mortise Gauge combined.) STYLE NO. 71. Beech, Polished, Plated Head and Bars, Brass Thumb Screw and Shoes.
No. 72, Beech, Polished, Box-wood Thumb Screw.
No. 74, Boxwood, Polished, Full Plated Head and Bar, Screw Slide, Brass Thumb Screw and Shoe.

MORTISE OR MARKING GAUGE. Rosewood, Mortise and Marking Gauge, Plated Head, Screw Slide, Brass Thumb Screw and Shoe. Rosewood, Mortise Gauge, Plated Head and Bar, Screw Slide, Brass Thumb Screw and Shoe.

IMPROVED GAUGE. The Brass Face, with two ribs or protections, attached to one side of the gauge-head (see engraving), will enable the owner to run a gauge-line with perfect steadiness and accuracy around curves of any degree, and either concave or convex. The gauge-head is reversible, and the fiat side can be used for all ordinary work. Any of the Gauges from Nos. 62 to 79 in the foregoing lists can be furnished with this attachment at an extra cost of 5 cents. In ordering this style just prefix the number with the figure 1, thus the No. 62 Gauge with this attachment would be No. 162, No. 79 No. 179, etc., etc.

SCHOLL'S PATENT COMBINATION GAUGE. This is an old favorite, having been on the market for upwards of twenty years.
No. 267, $1.25, Rosewood, 4 bars; 3 bars Marking and 1 Mortise.
No. 268, $1.15, Rosewood, 3 bars; 2 bars Marking and 1 Mortise.

BARRETT COMBINATION ROLLER GAUGE. This Gauge is made entirely of metal, nicely Polished and Nickel Plated, the shorter beam sliding into the head flush when used as a single gauge. Rolls are used in place of a spur; these rolls are made of fine tool steel, and will run over knots and roughness with perfect ease.

PANEL GAUGE. No. 85, Rosewood, Plated Head and Bar, Brass Thumb Screw and Shoe; about 18 in. long over all.

SLITTING GAUGE. No. 84, $0.45, Handled Slitting Gauge with Roller ; about 18 in. long over all.

BUTT GAUGE. A very useful tool for hanging doors. Point A, projection through slot in bottom, gives the cut in the rabbet of the door. Point B gives the cut on the door, setting the door the required distance from the stop when hinged. Points C and D in top slides give the depth of hinge in door and the jamb. The gauge gives three independent gauges for general work, also may be used as a mortise gauge. This Gauge is made of Steel, Polished and Nickel Plated.

COMBINED GAUGE AND SQUARE. This tool can be used as an ordinary Marking or Mortise Gauge, but is more especially designed for door-hanging and mortise work. In these operations it takes the place of three ordinary gauges and a square; insuring perfect work and saving time. Is made of steel, nicely nickel plated, light and strong.

BUTT AND RABBET GAUGE. This is the most complete combination tool of its class ever placed upon the market; it has two bar:, both of brass, one movable within the other, also three blades or markers. A Rosewood head on the outer bar makes the ordinary Marking or Slitting gauge. At one end of the outer bar a steel plate or stop is attached, and in connection with the rosewood head set at a proper distance from the plate, a double head for Mortising is made. Also a superior tool as a Butt gauge,and as a gauge for Rabbets of all kinds.

ADJUSTABLE CLAPBOARD SIDING) MARKER. This tool can be used with one hand while the other is employed in holding the clapboard in position. It will mark a full line across the clapboard exactly over, and conformed to the edge of the corner board.

Brass, Beech & Rosewood Marking Guages