Brass Plate Dowels & Leather Fillet 0103

BRASS PLATE DOWEL. BRASS SCREW DOWELS. The Plate and Screw Dowels represented in the above cuts are very much superior to the wooden pins, or pegs, commonly used. They do not swell with water, or shrink from heat; they save time and expense in pattern room and foundry, and castings from patterns on which these are used do not overlap.


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The White's Metallic Fillet has been on the market for nearly ten years, and has come into very general use by pattern makers The larger sizes are being used to quite an extent for glazing and weather stripping, and as a moulding and floor Skirting in public buildings. It is ptlt up in reels of 25 and 100 ft.

LEATHER FILLET. This Fillet can be put in any corner, and as easily upon a compound curve as on a straight line. It is highly recommended for its lightness, durability and neatness; is put up in lengths of four feet, and in packages of 100 feet of each size.

WOOD FILLET. This comes in 100 ft. bundles, 4 ft. ong; Is less In price than either of the others. Sold only in full bundles.

DIAMOND SNAP FLASK. These Flasks are manufactured by machinery and put together by templets, they are all Interchangeable on pins, and parts can be duplicated in case of breakage
They are all constructed so as to be " knocked down" and folded for convenience in shipping and storing. Are made in great variety of sizes, and we will name prices of any desired size upon application.

We call special attention to Sets of Five. A Set of Five of any size comprises 5 drags, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches deep, and 5 copes, the same. They are so arranged as to be interchangeable, so that one can make 25 different depths of flasks. These Sets are used largely for odd jobs that come into every foundry, and do away with the nailing on of strips to make the flasks suit the work.

DIAMOND ADJUSTABLE FLASK CLAMP. These Clamps can be adjusted to suit any flask in an instant. Requiring no wedges, they will save the price of themselves in a short time. The Heads are made of malleable iron, with hardened halls, and the Tails of square bar iron.

BRASS MOULDERS' FLASKS. These Flasks are drilled with standard templets, bringing the holes the same in each flask, and avoiding the necessity of matching. The faces are accurately planed. We can furnish nearly 200 sizes.

RAPPING PLATE. These goods were first placed on the market a few years since, and have met with great favor They are easily and cheaply fitted, and are a most necessary accessory to patterns. All numbers from 1 to 6 are tapped ft inch; Nos. 7 to 11, } inch; Nos. 12 to 17,f, inch.

LIFTING SCREW. These Lifting Screws can be depended upon to hold the pattern steady while being drawn.



Brass Plate Dowels & Leather Fillet