Broom handle lathe & other specialty wood lathes 0131

EXTRA HEAVY GAUGE LATHE.This Lathe is similar in construction and working to the foregoing, but for heavier work. Is furnished with 21, 21, 2$ and 3 in. Dies. If other sizes are desired, we can furnish larger or smaller. Lathe 7 ft. 8 in between Centers. Price., $225.00, weight 2500 lbs. Lathe 20 ft. between Centers, with Dies 2$. 24, 2i and 31, $325.00,

SHORT GAUGE LATHE. This is a Lathe of the same design as the foregoing, heavy, and used for short stock, taking 4 ft. 2 in. between Centers. Suitable for Plain Neck Yokes, Single-trees, Ball Bats and similar work. Has Automatic Feed, and is Self-Centering and Self-Discharging. Is fitted with Dies 21, 21, 21 and 3 in. Capacity about 800 Neck Yokes per day. Price, $175.00; weight, 2250 lbs.

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BROOM HANDLE LATHE. This Lathe is also similar in construction to the foregoing, but is intended for Broom Handles only, and will turn out from 2000 to 4000 per day. One Die is sent either 1i or 11 inch as desired. Price Broom Handle Lathe, $100.00 weight, 700 lbs.

LATHE FOR INSULATOR PINS AND BRACKETS. This Lathe is especially made for turning and threading Insulator Pins and Brackets, for nailing on sides of poles for telegraph and telephone use. Are capable of turning from 2000 to 3000 Pins per day, but of Brackets some-what less, as they are not as straight work.

TUMBLING MACHINE. This is a very efficient machine for smoothing Handles. It has iron frame and heads, and the wooden staves are so arranged as to be readily replaced when worn out. The weight of 4 ft. machine is 575 lbs.

VARIETY WOOD TURNING LATHE.These Lathes are intended for turning Knobs, Base Ball Bats, Net Floats, Spinning Tops, Spools, Balls, Pipes, Skewers, Wood Faucets, Croquet Mallets and Stakes, Ornaments of all kinds, and in fact a thousand-and-one articles that are in everyday use. On page 679 is shown a line of small wood turnings that are done on this type of machine. From 200 to 1400 pieces per hour can be turned, the quantity depending on size of work and dexterity of the workman. The operation is as follows The stick is taken in left hand, one end placed in taper mouth of sizing ring, by pulling on the lever the other end of stick is forced into the taper chuck on the driving spindle, which centers and grips the stick instantly. The roughing knife rounds the stick, and when of sufficient length will pass through the sizing die, which is regulated by a stop, the operator pressing his knee on lever under the lathe, this moves the forming knife to the work, and cuts off a turned piece at the same motion Price of machine includes one each, Roughing, Cut-off and Tenoning Knives, Sizing Ring, Socket for tail stock, spindle with Drill Socket or Tenoning Chuck,

RING AND ROSETTE MACHINE. This machine is used for turning Rings, Rosettes, Valve Handles, and similar articles. Work is cut out on a flat board. Machine will cut from 8 in. diam. down, and will turn 3000 3-inch rings per day. Price includes one pair of Cutter Heads. Price, $220.00.

IRREGULAR FORM LATHE. This Lathe is for turning such articles as Axe, Pick and Hammer Handles, also Spokes, and a multitude of other articles, which are either not straight, or have a cross section that is not round. The extreme length that can be turned is 42 in. Ordinary capacity is 200 to 400 Spokes or 200 Axe Handles per day, varying with the length and size. Feed is automatic, and stops itself when the piece has been turned the entire length. With this machine are furnished a Scouring Machine and Sand Belt tor smoothing handles.

SELF CENTERING AND DISCHARGING GAUGE LATHE. This Lathe is used extensively for turning Handles for Brooms, Mops, Forks, Hoes, Rakes, small Spokes, Fishing Rods, Faucets, and a variety of pieces used in the manufacture of furniture, woodenware, and agricultural tools, having easy swells and tapers. This Lathe is arranged to automatically center the piece when put in, and to release and drop it down through the bed when finished. The Lathe is supplied with 6 Dies, sizes 1-, 1, 14i 11, 11 and 21 in. Other sizes can be furnished when desired. Articles up to 21 inches in diam. can be turned with these Dies. These Lathes are furnished with Hand Feed, as the majority of customers prefer them in this way. We can, however, supply them with Automatic Feed at an additional cost of $20.00,-$22.50 and $25.00. These Lathes will turn from 2000 to 4000 Broom Handles per day, 1000 to 1200 Hoe Handles, and other articles with corresponding rapidity. The lengths given in table are what the lathe will take in between Centers, by adjusting tail stock they will turn any lengths less than those given. Price includes Countershaft.

Broom handle lathe & other specialty wood lathes