Bung borer, Spoke pointer, reamers 0056

This is a double lip Countersink, of fine quality. In our judgment, one of the best Countersinks for wood in the market.

NEW COUNTERSINK. The feature in this is that it may be opened for sharpening; it is a good, serviceable tool.

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For metals, either hard or soft, this type of Countersink is undoubtedly the best of all. Can he sharpened without losing shape. We have these also with .1 in. shank for machine.

BIT HANDLE. This will be found a very useful de-vice; it holds all common sizes of auger or gimlet bits.

SQUARE REAMER. These Reamers are made of Jessop's steel, and are of excellent quality.

FLUTED REAMER. These Reamers are rapidly supplanting the older styles of square, half-round and octagon reamers. They ream out and make true, smooth holes in wood or any kind of metal. Each reamer tapers i of an inch, and follows from the smallest to the largest.

NOTE. —"A Book of Tools" (our Metal Workers' Catalogue) contains a complete line of Reamers and Countersinks for metal work.

BUNG BORER. Common style. Price includes handle.

Reamerss for sale on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

GRADUATED BUNG BORER. This is, we believe, the Best style of Bung Borer on the market. The auger is of the Cook pattern, which is altogether the best style for this class of work.

PATENT SPOKE POINTER. These have the knife held with two screws, and cut a much longer taper than the old style pointer. The adjust-able shank should be set at the figure on its scale corresponding to the required size of the tenon ; it will then leave the spoke the exact size required to receive the hollow auger.

DOWEL POINTER. A plain small tool of the above type.

DOWEL SHARPENER. A small tool for Brace use

DOWEL PLATE. Solid steel plate, 6 inches long, with five holes, 4 to ft in.

HOLLOW AUGER. This, in our judgment, is the best style of plain Hollow Auger made.

HOLLOW AUGER FOR MACHINE. These have It inch round shanks for machine use.

BONNEY'S PATTERN HOLLOW AUGER. This is an old favorite. Although not as convenient perhaps as some of the later styles, it does the work well and is preferred by many. The knife can be adjusted to cut any desired bevel on the shoulder, and the tool can be adjusted to cut any tenon the desired length.

Bung borer, Spoke pointer, reamers