California Feed Rolls for Woodworking Machines 0178

CALIFORNIA FEED ROLLS. (Patent Inserted Tooth.) These Rolls are used extensively on Mouldings, Sash, Lath and Blind Slat machines, Panel Raisers, Self-Feed Rip Saws, Planers, and Gang Edgers. Among the many advantages of these Rolls are, the preventing of slippage, assuring positive, steady feed, which increases product of machine, in some cases as much as 50 per cent; they reduce friction, thereby saving belt power; they turn out superior moulding, because they avoid the ridges caused by frequent stoppages of mould lug fed by cast iron rolls.

The teeth can be readily sharpened in a few moments by anyone. The space between teeth not being V shape, the pitch from pine lumber cannot collect and choke them up. Finally, they will wear for many years, and their cost is very little as compared with the money they save. We print here a list of the most commonly used sizes, but many other sizes can be furnished. In ordering, give size and make of machine, and diameter of shaft, also supply any other information you think will be helpful.

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( Hub Roll.) When entirely worn out Rolls can be refilled at a fraction of original cost.
Following prices are for Per Pair ; Single Rolls half of list Per Pair. Prices on other sizes given upon application.
(Straight Roll.)
(Sectional Gang Edger Roll, complete with iSluift.)
(Spiral Tooth Roll.)
Straight Tout, Roll.)
(Sectional Planer Rolls, made with Plain or Notched Teeth.) Length of Rolls.

California Feed Rolls for Woodworking Machines