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How to care for your spiral screwdriver 0060


In the past ten or fifteen years we have handled eighteen different makes of Spiral Screw Drivers, including thirty-two different sizes and styles. Among them the Allard, Baush, Rapid, Ellrich, Forest City, Eureka, Eclipse, Electric, Goodell Howard-Allard, Jones, Haberle, Mueller, Millers Falls, Prior's, Reed's, Shaver and Wright.

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At the time of compiling this catalogue we had in stock eleven of the foregoing makes and styles (the other six having been discarded on account of their having no especial merit). In order to avoid multiplicity and confusion, we found it necessary to cut down this line, retaining only such as were, in our judgment, the best in their respective classes. As all of the eleven styles had more or less merit, it was not altogether an easy matter to decide which should be kept, and so every point had to be gone over and considered carefully.

Without going into details too much, and perhaps for the reason of demonstrating how thoroughly all the various tools in this catalogue have been considered, we may explain why two or three well known Spiral Drivers are not shown here. The Forest City Spiral Screw Driver is altogether the most ingenious and complete tool in this line that we have ever seen. It has more motions than any other, and many improvements, but the mechanism is rather complex. The chuck for holding the bits is insufficient, and we do not believe that it has either the strength or wearing qualities of the others.

The Mueller Driver is a strong, practical tool, well made, but for the work for which a Spiral Screw Driver is best adapted, we think it is too heavy. There have been four improvements since the Allard was first perfected. First, the chuck or holder by which the tools could be changed, so that different sizes of bits could he used. Second, the right and left spiral, so that the tool could be run either hand. Third, the loose collar, which remains stationary while the shaft revolves; and Fourth, the continuous motion in one direction. There is but one driver that contains all of these points —the Forest City—and this, for reasons stated above, we felt obliged to leave out.

TO SUM UP —We believe that the line of Spiral Screw Drivers shown here embraces all the best qualities which can possibly be found in this class of tools.

DRILL ATTACHMENTS. These attachments can be used in connection with the foregoing Spiral
SCREW DRIVER. a screw driver having a cross spiral. The diamond shaped portions of a cross spiral are apt to batter up, and in time catch and bind. Not the least attractive feature of this driver is the price, which, quality and convenience considered, is very low.

Screw Drivers, and while by no means as effective as the Automatic Drills, are a most excellent substitute, at a moderate price. The Attachment consists of a Chuck and 8 Drill Points, as shown in cut. In ordering, please state size of driver for which they are intended.

Drill attachments on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

BICYCLE NIPPLE BIT. This Bit can be used in any of the foregoing drivers, and will be found a very useful adjunct.

NO. 22 SPIRAL This Driver is of the same design and finish as the G40 line. It has two separate and distinct spirals, each working entirely independent of the other, and can be used for both driving and drawing screws automatically. Its value as a tool for driving screws is no way de tracted from by reason of its reversible mechanism, being therefore superior to

The Jones Spiral Screw Driver like the other may be used as This Driver can be used as a Spiral, a Ratchet, or a Plain Screw Driver, so if it is found that a screw cannot be driven automatically, it can be readily done by using as a Ratchet or Plain Screw Driver. It is very simple in construction, is strong and durable, and will not get out of order. Three sizes of bits are furnished with each driver.

The slant of the spiral determines the strength, or rather the relative power the slant-angle the greater the power. a Spiral or an ordinary Screw Driver. any style of Spiral Screw Driver that The No. l Driver slants 40 degrees, the It is a somewhat heavier tool than may be called for. As stated in a former No. 2, 30 degrees, the No. 3, 20 degrees. either of the foregoing ; has a double portion of this article, we believe that The No. 2 size is the most commonly spiral, and is reversible at any point. in the line shown here are embraced
used, the No. 3 being recommended for Can be used for driving or drawing. the best qualities of this class of tool. Has been improved by the addition of but if for any reason other styles are

How to care for your spiral screwdriver