Carpenters Pencils, Lumber Crayon, Tin Snips 0093

ROUND PENCILS. We also have the same quality as the above in Round Pencils,

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ADJUSTABLE CLAPBOARD (SIDING) GAUGE. In this tool is offered a simple and practical holder. The clapboard to be laid, can be laid any width to the weather, by means of a graduating scale on the tool. A set of 3 Gauges is recommended for laying long clapboard or siding.

PATENT ROOFING BRACKET. The parts are of spring steel and firmly riveted together. A dozen of these can be placed in position or removed in a minute's time, and great economy in lumber and nails will be found. There are no loose parts to get lost, and no nail holes are made in the roof.

PENCILS. CARPENTERS' PENCIL. Although a small tool, the Pencil is by no means as insignificant as would appear. It is a hard matter to obtain a firstclass Carpenters' Pencil at the ordinary hardware stores or stationers. Our Pencils are of the very best quality, and necessarily high in price. We would suggest to those who prefer firstclass Pencils, a trial of ours. They leave a clear, black mark; the lead is of the best quality, medium soft, but strong.

LUMBER CRAYON. Although originally intended for marking lumber, these Crayons can be used for all sorts of purposes, and are superior in every respect. We also have a substance known as Keel, which is a kind of hard, red chalk used for marking lumber. This comes in irregular, oblong pieces from $ to 1 inch square, and from 2 to 4 inches long.

CARPENTERS' CHALK. This comes in hemispheres about It inch in diameter across the flat portion.

TINNERS' SNIPS. We sell the Tinners' Snips made by the Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co., and believe that they are altogether the best tools of this class in the market. Prices are lower than they used to be. For general use the Nos. 8 and 9 are the best.

LODI PLIERS. These Pliers are made of steel, and are very much superior to the common, cheap German pliers, although this isn't saying much for them. The jaws are not tempered. The above prices on single Pliers include postage.

PARAGON PLIERS. These are firstclass in all respects; jaws are held together with screw and nut. Pliers are nickel plated, tempered and fully warranted.

BERNARD PLIER The Bernard Pliers are very popular; quality is of the very best. An especial feature in the Bernard Pliers is the fact that they are provided with parallel jaws, which make them for most purposes very desirable. We have these in both Flat and Round Nose, prices being alike.

BERNARD CUTTING PLIER. The Combination or Cutting Plier contains the excellent features of the regular pliers, together with the cutting principle.

COMBINATION PARAGON PLIER. This is a very heavy, strong tool ; made in one size, 9 inches in length. It is a combination of Plier, Wire Cutter and Hammer; will cut heavy wire, and drive a 20-penny nail. A splendid Carpenters' Tool.

BUTTON'S PLIER. J. M. King & Co. are the original makers of these pliers. There are imitations, but the Pliers made by King are altogether the best. Round Nose Pliers 10 cents per pair extra.

CARPENTERS' PINCERS. Used principally for drawing small nails and brads, and "Skinnin catfish"; can also be used for other purposes. The quality is of the very best —that is —for Carpenters' Pincers.

SHEARS. (In our Metal Worker's catalogue, en-titled "A Book of Tools" ( see page 744 of this catalogue ), will be found a very complete line of Metal Shears, including Circular, Dental, Jewelers', Bench and Squaring Shears.)

Carpenters Pencils, Lumber Crayon, Tin Snips