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RABBET AND BLOCK PLANE. This is a new tool, and has met with great favor; can be changed from a Block to a Rabbet plane. The cutter is set on a skew, and the side piece is detachable, as shown in cut. No. 140, $0.85, 7 in. long, 14 in cutter.

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Also a new tool and a good one. Used for side-rabbeting and trimming dados, mouldings and grooves of all sorts. Front piece is reversible and can be arranged so that the tool will work close up into corners. No. 98, $0.70; 4 in. long.

This takes the place of the German Schrub-Hobel; it has a narrow iron, with a rounding edge. Is used more especially for roughing work preparatory to the use of a jack and smooth plane.

CIRCULAR PLANE. This has a flexible steel face, which is shaped to any required arc, either concave or convex by turning the knob on the front of the plane.

This is an improved form of the adjustable circular plane ; has l a t e s t adjustments, both longitudinal and l a t e r a l; is handsomely finished and nickel plated.

This takes the place of the No. 12 Adjustable Veneer Scraper shown in former catalogues; it can be used for scraping and finishing veneers, cabinet work or hard woods in any form. By use of an extra cutter especially pre-pared, a superior Toothing plane is made, and in addition to the ordinary uses of such a plane, this one will do excellent work in scraping off old paint and glue.

CABINET SCRAPERS. We carry in stock two kinds of Cabinet Scrapers; the first is the ordinary standard Scraper, and is as good—or better—than those usually sold. We have the following sizes: 24x4 and 5 in. long; 3x4, 5 and 6 in. long, and 31x5 and 6 in. long. Any size $0.10; postage 4c.

Then we have an EXTRA QUALITY Cabinet Scraper, these are made from Jessop's steel, smithed and blocked by hand, edges draw-filed and finished ready for use.

These Scrapers are of French make ; very fine quality. Sizes: 21x5, 3x5 and 3x6. Price, each, $0.25; postage 4 cts.

About 3x5 in. at outside. Price each, $0.25 ; postage 4 cents.

IMPROVED WOOD SCRAPER. This Scraper can be adjusted to any desired pitch, and may be worked toward or from the person using it. The roller acts as a support to relieve the strain on the wrist and hands of the workman. The handle can be detached for working into corners.

This plane is used by piano forte makers, cabinet makers and kindred trades, where an extra fine tool is required in finishing hard woods, etc. A metallic handle with slot and set-screw is furnished with each plane. This handle can be attached to the top of the plane on either edge. The plane turned on Its side will then work perfectly on a shooting board for planing mitres, etc.

This tool is used by belt makers for chamfering down the laps of a belt before fastening them together. It is equally well adapted to use in repairing belts in all manufacturing establishments.

Carriage makers rabbet plane & other planes