The Chain Saw Mortiser 0159

biped two excellent qualities, Strength and Clearance. The peculiar form of construction of the Hollow Chisel Bit (the head being larger than the body) is such that the ordinary type of Bit is weak, back of the head. If a Bit breaks, the Chisel is very apt to break too. The construction of the Ford Bit is such as to make it very much stronger than the ordinary type, and the single twist gives much better clearance than can be obtained in any double twist Bit, therefore it will not choke up and break the chisel. Other sizes than those given in table can be furnished. The length given is length of twist. 

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Diam. inches, 6 7 8 9 10
Each, $0.50 $0.56 $0.62 $0.68 $0.74 IG. 5130. HOLLOW CHISEL.
Our Hollow Chisels are of the Job T. Pugh make. The Pugh Co. have made these for many years, and we believethese Chisels will be found superior in all respects.

The Chain Saw Mortiser is of comparatively recent origin ; has been on the market but a few years, and in this short time has
attained a most important position, not o u 1 y on account of the quantity of work, but the quality as well.
The mortise is made by a steel chain, each link of which has a sharpened
tooth so formed
as to carry out
its own chip.
The Chain Barit. determines
its dimensions the length and depth of the!
mortise, the width of chain
fixing the width of mortise.
The Table is fed up mechanically (but under the control of the Foot Lever) towards the chain. The Mortise, either "Blind" or "Through," Straight or Tapering, is made at a single cut, and the Table descends rapidly, and is ready for another mortise. So quickly is this done as to almost limit the machine's output by the ability of the operator to supply it with work. All wood. hard or soft can be worked equally well. There is no reversing on usual depth of mortises, no splitting, nor core-cleaning, no shock or jar to the machine. Taper or Angular Mortises can be made, good
FIG. 5131.
This machine is suitable for the general work in Sash, Door and Blind factories; for Screens, Refrigerators, Furniture, Organs, Interior Finish, Cabinet work, Agricultural Implements, Wagons, and general joinery.
Takes all sizes of Chain Saw from I to 1 in. wide. Price includes o n e size

The No. 2, in addition to the conveniences of No. 1, has a Compound Table permitting long mortises or adjacent mortise to be made by a series of cuts without unclamping the material.
Takes all sizes of Chain Saw from I to
1 in. wide. Price includes one size Chain, Chain Sharpener with Spool and Wrench.
Price, $ *; weight, 1500 lbs.

This machine differs from the foregoing, in that several parts not necessary on a light machine have been omitted, this, however, without impairing its efficiency on the work for which it was designed, Sash, Blinds, Screens, Light Furniture, etc. The output on ordinary work is from 8,000 to 10,000 mortises per day. Takes all sizes of Chain Saw from to i; in. wide.
Price includes one size Chain, Chain Sharpener with Spool and Wrench. Price, $ * ; weight, 800 lbs.
No. 1. No. 2. No.3.
Adjustment of Back Rest, 16 16
Rise and Fall of Table 24 24 5}”
Shortest Mortise 1+ 1-i 144"
Longest Mortise (with 3i 24"
one cut)
Longest Mortise (with- 13
out unclamping) "
Deepest Mortise (one cut), 61 6+ 44"
Deepest Mortise (by re- 13 13
Nos. 1 and 2 Machines will mortise to center of 5 in. piece; No. 3 to center of.
2 in. piece.
*The manufacturers of these machines will not permit us to print prices (not even approximately). They no doubt have what they consider good reasons, but we think they are wrong in taking this action. However, we will be pleased to make prices upon application.
glue surfaces, perfect faces, and joints, Chain. Chain Sharpener with Spool and uniformity are secured. Wood as and Wrench.
thin ass in. can be mortised any way of Floor space, 47x67 in. ; height, 67 in.
the grain. Price, $ * ; weight, 1450 lbs.
Tools are easily changed; all parts of machine are accessible.
The Alaska Refrigerator Co., Muskegon, Mich., write, "The best record we have is 1152 mortises in one hour. It is a time-saver and money-maker."
The Sierra Lumber Co., Red Bluff, Cal., "Saving over old method $3.50 to $4.00 per day. No trouble in operating from the start."
E. T. Burrowes & Co., Portland, Me., "Saving enough in less than a year to pay for the machine."

In ordering, always state length of Twist, and length and size of Shank, or accompany order with sample. Also give size of hole in Chisel, or send sample to have Bit fitted to.

The Chain Saw Mortiser