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Chest corners, Chest handles, Escutcheons, drawer pulls 0188-f

CHEST TRIMMINGS.We show here a small line of goods suitable for Tool and other Chest trimmings.
One size only, suitable for medium and heavy Chests. Per Pair, $2.00.

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CHEST CORNERS Nothing adds to the appearance —and strength as well --of a handsome Tool Chest as these Metal Corners. They are made of solid bronze metal, heavy, handsomely finished and polished. We have lately changed the style of the bottom corner, making it wider, so that it extends further up than the cut shows.

FLUSH CHEST HANDLES. No. 100, per pair, $2.00; heavy, genuine bronze metal; size, about 3ix4i in. Strong and handsomely finished. Surface Chest handles same as above, per pair, $1.75.

IMITATION TRUNK TRIMMINGS. We have had a good many inquiries from certain localities for Trunk Trimmings,and understand that some railroads do not allow tool chests to go as baggage, unless fitted out to look like trunks. We can furnish these trimmings in sets, the following comprising a set : 3 Hinges, 8 Corner Plates, 4 Center Plates, 2 Clasps or Bolts for Face of Chests, 1 Brass Lock (extra quality), 2 Keys, 4 Loops, 2 Stitched Harness Leather Handles, suitable Nails, etc. Set No. 1, for medium and small chests; price, complete, 2.50.
Set No. 2, for large chests ; price, complete, $3.00.

CABINET TRIMMINGS. These goods are beautiful in design and finish. We carry in stock Gold Finish only. The styles are constanly changing, and the above illustrations merely give an idea of style. Orders will be filled with styles as near like cuts as possible. As an aid in making selections we print sizes over all, giving first length then depth.

DRAWER PULLS OR HANDLES These Cases are made entirely of wood and glass, there being no metal to tarnish. It is the most popular style of Case used at present. Furnished in Walnut, Oak, Ash, Cherry or Mahogany.


Complete catalogue showing Cases and Fixtures for Jewelers, Clothiers, Druggists, Cigar Dealers, etc., etc., sent to any address on receipt of 4 cents. to cover postage.

Chest corners, Chest handles, Escutcheons, drawer pulls