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This is an excellent device for the purpose of holding Chisels, Plane Irons and similar tools while being ground. The tool is put in the holder and brought to the right bevel with the adjusting outside bevel; can furnish them ground inside bevel to order.

These are furnished with Leather Tipped Hickory Handles, and are ground sharp. They are sent out ground with inside bevel; can furnish them ground with outside bevel to order. Our stock of these is in the middle Sweep (see page 653).
Each, $0.73 $0,79 $0.86 $0.92 $0.98 $1.06
Price, per Set of 12, 1 to 2 in., $7.85.
These are heavy Gouges with Solid Steel Blades; are beveled inside and furnished only in middle sweep (see page 653) ; 8 in. Blades, Leather Tipped Hickory Handles.
We also carry these in stock with both 10 and 12 in. Blades. For price of 10 in. Blades add 25 per cent to above list; for price of 12 in. Blades add 50 per cent to above list. For Millwright Chisels see Fig. 3151.
This is the regular form of heavy Socket Framing Chisels. These have Leather Tipped Hickory Handles.
Price, per Set of 11, 1 to 2 in., $5.10.
Corner Chisels are a most difficult class of tools to make. Most of the leading manufacturers will not warrant them. Our Corner Chisels are as near right as it is possible to make them, andwe warrant them fully. These Chisels have Leather Tipped Hickory Handles.
Chisels with Bevel Edges are a decided improvement over the regular style. In this form of chisel the edges, are thinner, which enables one to work with greater accuracy in mortises and close places. Besides this, the tool is made lighter, without sacrificing strength to any extent.
These are furnished with Leather Tipped Hickory Handles and are ground sharp. They are sent out ground withscrew. Nothing is left to do but to bear it on the stone, and it will grind all right without further care. Takes in tools up to 21 in. wide.
NOTE. — This is a good place to say that you won't need a grindstone very much if you use the Whelden Emery Oil Stone, shown elsewhere in catalogue, as this Stone is a combination of the grindstone for fast cutting, and the Arkansas oil stone for whetting.

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In making up the line of Chisels and Gouges for this catalogue, we have given first place to the Socket Chisels and Gouges, for the reason that this is the style of which most are sold. With our best class of mechanics, however, there has always been a demand for the Tanged form of Chisel and Gouge. Being of course deeply interested in this matter, we have during the past few months made a canvass personally and by letter among a great many of the leading wood workers in all sections of the country, and as a result we find that for the general run of carpentry and building work mechanics prefer the Socket tools, while joiners, cabinet makers, pattern makers and those engaged in the finer class of wood-working prefer the Tanged tools, claiming that they are better balanced, and that they hang better and cut nicer. This is especially noticeable in Paring Chisels and Gouges, which have longer blades.
In the Tanged style of Chisels and Gouges we believe that the leading English makes are superior, just as the American Socket Chisels and Gouges are superior to all others. The English makers whose products are best' known in this country are W. & S. Butcher, Spear & Jackson, J. Howarth, I Sorby, and Ward & Payne. The first and second named of these firms have always had a larger trade in this country than the others, their goods being well and favorably known. In England the best known make is Ward & Payne, and they, doubtless, have the highest reputation of any firm in the world. The late Richard Buck (who for many years and up to the time of his death was the owner of the Buck Bros.' concern) once

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