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We price here a line of Circular Saws. Our stock at the present time consists of Henry D i s s ton & Son's make, the quality of which is so well known as to need no comment here.
We can furnish to order Chisel Tooth, Shingle, Veneer, Concave, Grooving, Miter, and special Saws of almost any kind.
Following prices apply to the regular line of Patent Ground and Tempered Solid Tooth Circular Saws:
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The Huther Dado Head was brought out about three years ago, and in this short time there have been upwards of 3000 sets of them sold. We have sold all kinds of Dado Heads; do not believe there is anything in the market that equals these in point of convenience, quickness of adjustment, and for durability.

Fig. 5109 shows a sample of work, and the work from which this cut was taken is as sharp and clean cut as the picture.

These Groovers can be furnished suit-able for any width grooves from + to 2 in. or over. They consist of 2 outside saws, each of which is a groover in itself, and as many inside cutters as required. In-side Cutters are made A, and + in. thick ; Outside Cutters, lag and in. thick.


They will cut a perfect groove either with or across the grain, and will not leave a rough edge as is the case with ordinary groovers. Where a wider groove than i in. is needed, Inside Cutters will be required. Guaranteed to give satisfaction in all respects.

Set No. 1 cuts grooves i, , and * in. Set No. 2 cuts *, +, $, and $ in.

Set No. 3 cuts from -I to $ in. inclu-

sive, by 16ths (10 sizes).

Set No. 4 cuts from 1 to 1 in. inclusive, by 16ths (14 sizes).

No. 5 cuts from to 12 in. inclusive, by 16ths (22 sizes).

Set No. 6 cuts from e to 2 inches inclusive, by 16ths (30 sizes).


Diam. Set Set Set Set Set Set in. No. 1. No.2. No.3. No.4. No.5. No.6.

In ordering, state number of Set, diameter of Groover, and size of Hole wanted. Extra Cutters may be had at any time.


This size is made especially for use on Hand and Foot Power machines. All of these have 1 in. holes.

Set "H", $8.60, the same as "G", with the addition of 1 and IA.

To make a 1°s in. cut, a is outside cut-ter is required, which may be used in combination with the other cutters.

Price, of 1, Outside Cutter, $3.00.


A great many machine users are in the position of the old sailor, who said, that when a rope was too short he could splice it, but when it was too long he didn't know what to do.

If the hole in a Saw or similar tool, is too small, it can be reamed or filed out, but if too large, it is a more difficult matter to arrange for.

These Steel Bushings will be found a great convenience in many ways and for many purposes. We have them in two thicknesses, is and i; and in three lengths, A, + and + (longer lengths can be furnished if desired). Measurements given are outside, thus T'-sxl would be i inside, and -Ix], 1 inside.

Prices upon other sizes furnished up-on application.

Circular Saws