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The Hand Screws made by R. Bliss Mfg. Co. have been the standard as far as excellence of quality is concerned, for the past thirty years or more, and they are almost universally used in the leading cabinet shops throughout the country. The majority of organ and piano manufacturers will use no other, notwithstanding that they are from ten to fifty per cent higher in price than any other make.

Many of our customers use a paste, or mixture, made of Graphite (black lead) and tallow, which they apply to the screws when they are received new in the shop. This not only makes them work easier, hut adds considerably to their length of service.

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We print here the line of sizes we carry in stock , can furnish larger as well as intermediate sizes.

The Bliss Co make a complete line of piano and cabinet, makers' clamps.

EAGLE CABINET CLAMP. Eagle Cabinet Clamps are made with swivel head on end of screw, and frames are ribbed around the side We think they are the best made and strongest Malleable Clamp in the market.

SNOW's ADJUSTABLE CLAMP This Clamp is generally conceded to be the best one of the quick-adjusting type.

There are lots of GOOD THINGS In the Market that are not shown in this hook Some of them we can tell you about, if you will write us.

SCREW PRESSES. We present here a very complete line of Screw Presses used for Veneer workand many other purposes. The sizes listed are those most commonly used, but we can furnish these presses in much greater variety than shown here.

SINGLE SCREW PRESSES. These Presses are adapted for veneering all kinds of Panels, Newel Posts, —in fact all work up to their capacity. They can be used singly, or several can be used side by side for long work. Top surfaces of the bases and lower surfaces of the arches are planed true. They are made 36 in. high from top of base to lower side of arch, leaving about 31 in. in the clear. Screws are of 2 in. steel, 24 in. long. Bearings of screws nearly 6 in. long. Sizes given are length of base and width of base between uprights.

SECTIONAL PRESSES. Figs. 3821 and 3822 represent Sectional Presses with 2 and 4 Screws. The top surface of base and lower surface of top are planed true. The extensions or foot pieces are all planed the same height, so that when Presses are set side by side the bases are all the same height and in line with each other. The dimensions given, are widths between uprights and widths of bases. They are all made 36 in. high from top of base to lower side of top, leaving about 32 in. clear between the base and lower end of screw. Screws are made of 2 in. steel; these and the nuts are exact sizes, and can be changed from one press to another. These Presses have been redesigned, are heavier, have wider bases, are ribbed, and are much stronger than formerly.

CLAMP HORSE. These have hard maple bar 31x4 in.. and double iron clamp head with 11 in.FIG. 3822.

Clamps and Presses for Woodworkers