Clothes pin, pail & spoon making machinery 0132

HANDLE LATHE.This Lathe is intended for the same class of work as Fig. 3983. It is of later design than the other, and although somewhat higher in price, will turn out more work. Is suitable for Axe, Adze, Pick, Sledge, Hatchet and Hammer Handles, Spokes and Whiffle trees, and other kinds of irregular work. Will turn from 400 to 600 Axe Handles, 500 to 700 Pick Handles, 1500 to 2000 Hammer Handles, or 1000 to 1500 Spokes per day. Is not suitable for Porch Spindles, Table Legs, Chair Legs or that class of work. Will turn any length from 8 to 43 in.

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TUB AND PAIL MACHINERY. We are prepared to furnish full or partial outfits of Machinery for making Pails, Toy Pails, Wash Tubs, Butter Tubs, Fish Kits, Dash Churns, etc., etc.,

BOBBIN, SPOOL AND CLOTHES PIN MACHINERY, We are prepared to furnish Roughing and Finishing Lathes for Thread Spools, Bobbin, Jack and Warp Spool Lathes, Clothes Pin Lathes, and Boring, Tapping and Threading Machines.

RECORDING THERMOMETER. Makes a continuous record day and night of the temperatures of heaters, dry kilns, etc., etc. The recording portion can be located at any convenient point outside of the room or kiln, within 25 ft. from point at which temperature is to be measured. All have 24 hour charts, graduated to 5 degrees. Price, $66.65.

ROSETTE MACHINE.This is used for making Corner Blocks or Rosettes, turning out from 15 to 20 per minute. The variety of designs is practically unlimited. One set of cutters can be used for quite a number of different designs.

TWIST MACHINE. For making all sorts of Spiral or Rope Moulding, either tapered, straight, curved or oval. Any degree of twist is made, from one turn in 1i in. to one in 10 inches. Will make Right, Left and Pine Apple cuts and do Straight Fluting. Swings 8 in., and will take 5 to 10 ft. between centers, as ordered. Price, according to length, from $350.00 to $500.00; weight, 1500 to 1800 lbs.

BEADED AND ROPE MOULDINGS. At the time of writing, these Mouldings are very much in style for building work; for cabinet work they have always been in style, the main objection to their use being the former high cost of making. They are now produced by special machinery in very large quantities, and at very low prices.

AS TO WOOD —Oak is the only wood carried in stock. Other woods can be furnished to order only, and cannot be furnished in small quantities, excepting at a greatly advanced cost.

AS TO STYLE, AND SIZES —We carry in stock the styles and sizes given here; can furnish other styles and sizes, but not in small lots.

AS TO SHAPE —These Mouldings can be furnished halved or quartered at small extra expense for sawing, the buyer getting the two halves or the four quarters of the material. Sizes under s cannot be sawed, nor will we saw quantities of less than 100 ft. of a kind.

AS TO LENGTH —They are made in lengths of about 3 to 4 ft.

AS TO PRICES —The prices given here are on small quantities. On account of the expense involved in handling small quantities, the prices are necessarily very high, although, perhaps, one-tenth of what it would cost to make something similar by hand. For any decent sized quantity these prices would be shaded materially.

AS TO SAMPLES —Will be pleased to mail samples of all styles upon receipt of 10 cents to cover expenses.


also Machines for Half-Barrels, Quarters, and Kegs. Machinery consists of Head or Bottom Lathe (as shown in cut), Rotary Matcher, Plainer, Hoop Drivers, Stave Saw, Setting-up Plate, Shears, Riveting Horn, etc., etc.

Clothes pin, pail & spoonmaking machinery