Compass & Keyhole saws from 1897 0071


We carry in stock two or three styles of Disston Saws. It is superfluous for us to say here that Henry Disston & Sons make good Saws. There is probably no land or country where the Disston Saws are not known.
The Disston No. 7 Saw is perhaps better known than any saw now made. It is, we believe, the lowest priced saw the Disston Co. make under their own brand. This Saw has Beech Handle, Polished Edge, and Grained Blade.

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The manufacturers say, "

This Saw is designed only for first-class workmen

." It is intended to be used only in dry, thoroughly seasoned lumber, and is run without set. The 6, 7 and 8 point Saws take the place of 10, 11 and 12 point of the ordinary styles.


We were going to head this article "

Second Class " Saw

s, but when we pause to consider how much better these Saws are than many of those sold as firstclass, we refrain. The two styles shown here are made of a good quality steel, are ground about two gauges thinner on the back, and are good value at the price.

BROWNELL. This Saw is full width blade, Beech Handle, 4 Improved Screws. The 18 and 22 inch are Panel Saws, the 26 inch either Hand or Rip.

KERSHAW. This is a Skew Back Saw of same quality as the Brownell; it comes in the same sizes and at the same prices.

BACK SAWS. Our Back Saws are of the best quality obtainable. As the Back Saw is an important tool, we do not think it wise to carry in stock medium or cheaper grades. These Saws bear our trade-mark together with the maker's name.

NO. 8 BACK SAW. These Saws have Applewood Handles, Polished Edge and Glued Back, and are handsomely finished throughout.

MITER BOX BACK SAWS.These Saws are the same in quality and style as the No. 8.

SAW HANDLES AND SCREWS. We carry in stock Handles for all the styles of Saws shown in catalogue, also an assortment of Screws. Handles range in price from 15 to 50 cts.; Screws from 5 to 10 cts.

Compass & Key hole saws on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

COMPASS AND KEY HOLE SAWS.The Compass Saw is what might be termed a "General Utility" tool. It is used in turn to cross cut, miter and rip, and as a rule it is the most thoroughly abused and maltreated tool in the carpenter's kit. The Compass Saw should be of the very best quality, but as a matter of fact the majority of Compass Saws sold are cheap, miserable affairs, and the larger proportion of this style of Saws found in the stores are sold at wholesale.

COMPASS SAW. We sell but one grade of Compass Saw, that is the best. These Saws have quite heavy blades, are thick on the tooth, and ground very thin at the back, have strong Applewood Handles, and are hand filed and set.

THROPP'S KEY HOLE SAW AND PAD. This is intended to take the place of the cheap iron Pad Saws so commonly sold. While higher in price, it is well worth the difference, as, besides being of better quality throughout, it has a number of convenient features, which the ordinary Saws do not possess.

WOODEN SAW PAD While the Wooden Saw Pad is looked upon as being rather an old-fashioned tool, it has many points of advantage over the regular Compass or Key Hole Saw. For certain kinds of work it is very inconvenient. We have these in English beech and rosewood.

Compass & Keyhole saws from 1897