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Corundum grinding wheels – Value and use 116

Wheels should always be kept true with some tool suitable for the purpose. For this work we consider the Black Diamond or Carbon the best. The Huntington Dresser, however, is a good tool and, if properly used, will more than pay for itself in all shops where emery wheels are used. In a word, an emery wheel should be, taken as. good care of in its own way as should an engine, planer or lathe."

"AS TO CORUNDUM —We are and always have been the largest users of it of any manufacturer in the world. So far, the production of Corundum in any great quantity. 'is confined to the Hampden Emery Co., of Chester, Mass. Traces of it have, been found in many places in the United States, but so far, this company is the only one that has been fortunate enough to find it in large quantities: Their mines are among the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, many miles from the railroads, where, with the rough and mountainous roads, a few hundred pounds rmake a load for an ordinary team to haul.

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The crude ore is freighted to Massachusetts, and there crushed and graded and sold the same as emery, except at about three times the price of the latter. Many of our wheels are made entirely of Corundum. We use it exclusively in all our wheels for saw and tool grinding, and in fact largely for all kinds of steel work. Wheels for working cast iron are, as a rule, better when made of emery ; especially for heavy, rough work, such as agricultural implements, stoves and foundry work.

Many erroneously suppose that because Corundum has sharper cutting qualities than emery, it is necessarily harder. Such is not the case, for emery is much harder to crush than corundum; consequently an emery wheel, made with the same amount of bond or cement, would have the greater durability. In a word ; the only difference between emery and corundum is, that the crystals of the latter are, in the emery chemically combined with oxide of iron, which makes them harder to crush, but less sharp in abrasive qualities.

It is our constant effort to use such material as will make the best possible wheel for the work to be done. We have a record of the compound and manufacture of all the wheels made by us since the commencement of our business, and, s Rev. consequently, can either duplicate the per the Min. same or change compound of any 1 wheel, as the experience of our customers may dictate.

AS TO USE —Set your machine on a solid foundation.
Keep in good order In all respects. Keep your wheels true.
Never run them at a higher, speed than the maker recommends.
Don't try to grind wrought iron with a wheel that was made for cast iron.
Keep wheels clean from oil and grease. If wheel is soft, don't crowd the work -too hard, as it will not grind any faster, but will wear the wheel out more.
See that your machine has tight and loose collar of good size, and that both are concave and fitted with rubber gaskets between collar and wheel.


In the past few years there have been placed upon the market Emery Wheel Dressers in almost endless variety. We have had samples of nearly every new Dresser that has been brought out, but we are inclined to believe that the old Huntington Dresser is the best. We use in our own shops, perhaps more Dressers and Wheels than are used in any other one shop in the world, besides selling thousands of them. Dresser complete, with two sets of Cutters, $2.00. Extra Cutters 30 cts. per set; postage, 3 cts.

GOGGLES AND GLASSES. These are used for protecting the eye against flying particles of metal and emery. We have the ordinary Goggles, with wire gauze frame. Price, per pair, 20 cents, post-paid. Many of our customers prefer what are known as " millers' " glasses. Price, per pair, 40


We are never so well pleased as when our customers are best pleased. IN BRIEF—When you order wheels, tell just what the work is you want them to do. Give us the number of revolutions your wheels make per minute. Tell us whether your preference is for a hard, medium or soft wheel. If you are anew customer, be kind enough to tell what make of wheels has met your wants the best. If wheels fail to suit you, inform us in what particular they fail. If you know, give the grade or number of emery you want,your wheels, made of .

There are more of these wheels sold —and used —than of any other make, and this, not with standing the prices on these wheels are somewhat higher than others By the use of a wire web, emery wheels are made much stronger, and, conse quently, will resist much greater centrifugal strain. We can furnish to order, Cup wheels, Cylinder wheels, and in fact special wheels of almost any size and shape, and will be pleased to correspond with those desiring any information regarding Emery and Corundum Wheels. In connection with the foregoing, we
The Hart Emery Wheel, made by the beg to suggest that users of Emery Detroit Emery W heel Co., is conceded Wheels will find the article on page 823 to be. the best emery wheel in the market. both interesting and profitable.

Corundum grinding wheels - Value and use