Dado, Match, & Nosing Planes for 1897 Woodworking 0022

Dado, Match, Nosing Planes

Rabbet, with Handle, Skew Irons and 2 Cutters
Side Rabbet, per pair, $1.10.
— Dado, Brass Side Stop, all sizes to 1 in., $0.75.
— Dado, Brass Screw Stop, all sizes, + to 1 in., $1.10.
— Match, $-, $ and i, per pair, $1,00; If and 1+ in., per pair, $1.40.
— Match, extra plated, 0, $ and per pair, $1.20; 1# and 1+ in. per pair, $1.60.
— Match, Solid Handles and extra plated, $, $ and i, per pair, $1.80.
— Nosing Plane, 2 Irons, * to 14 in., $0.80; 1$ and 1 + in., $0.90.
— Nosing Plane. 2 Irons, with handle, $ to If in., $1.20; and 1i in., $1.40..

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SET OF HOLLOWS AND ROUNDS. Price, per Set, Nos. 1 to 9, 9 sizes, $4.80.
FIG. 3112. NO. 68— FILLETSTER.
No. 67—Filletster, with Cutter and Brass Side Stop, $1.15.
No. 68— Filletster with Cutter, Brass Side Stop and Boxed, $1.50.
No. 69— Filletster with Cutter, Brass Screw Stop and Boxed, $2.00
No. 118, $4.40--Beech, Screw Stop, Boxwood Fence, no Handle.
No. 120, $5.10— Beech, Screw Stop, Boxwood Fence, with Handle.
No. 124, $6.00— Beech, Boxwood Arms, Boxwood Fence, with Handle.
No. 125, $5.85— Apple wood, Screw Stop, Boxwood Fence, with Handle.
No. 129, $6.90— Apple wood, Boxwood Arms, Boxwood Fence, with Handle No. 132, $7.50— Boxwood or Rosewood with Handle.
No. 137, $9.75— Ebony, Ivory Tipped, with Handle.
Plow Irons, each, $0.22; per Set of 8, Ise to $, $1.50.
Plow Arms, per pair, complete —Applewood, $1.50; Rosewood, $2.00; Box-wood, $2.50.
This Gauge is adjustable to any bevel desired, or for squaring. Can be instantly set without the use of a bevel or try square, is easily attached to any Wood, Jack or Jointer Plane. Price, each, $1.40.
We can furnish —to order —almost any style of Plane that may be desired. Many styles of Planes such as Pump, Astragal, Plank, Snipe Bill, Table, Raising, etc., etc., are kept in stock but the demand is so limited we do not feel justified in showing them here.

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We wish to say that we employ no traveling agents, neither do we establish Shop Agencies, as our prices are so low they do not admit of paying or allowing commissions. This book is our Traveling Man. We know that it is not eloquent or persuasive in the sense that a good talker is, but i t brings plainly to notice a thousand and one different articles that an agent could not begin to know or think of.

We can send it for a small sum, while it costs many dollars to send a traveler It is compact in size and shape, takes up but very little room, and you can always have It with you (unless some one steals it, which you will have to look out for).
Finally, it is honest, and makes no promises it cannot fulfill.
If you have any friends who use any of the goods shown in this catalogue, and to whom you think the book would be of some benefit, if you will send us their address, we will feel indebted for the kindness.

Dado, Match, & Nosing Planes for 1897 Woodworking

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