Diamond Vise, Oval Slide Vise, Hand Vise 0097

DIAMOND VISE. This combination Vise and Anvil is not to be compared with the farmers' vises, which have been on the market. The face of the anvil is chilled, ground and polished, and is 3x7 in. ( not including horn); the vise jaws are faced with steel, nicely milled, and are 4 in. wide. Taken altogether it is a very good tool at a surprisingly low price. Weight, 42 lbs.; with Drill Attachment, 57 lbs. Price, $3.35; with Drill Attachment.

OVAL SLIDE VISE. This is a well made, low priced Vise, useful for general work. We would not recommend them in the larger sizes, as in the Diamond Anvil and Vise combined (Fig. 3789) is furnished a superior combination at a lower price.

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HAND VISE NO. 1. This is a good, strong tool ; the jaws are of forged and tempered steel, the handle of rosewood. Jaws are 14 in. wide and open 11 in. Will center and hold tools firmly of any shape. Handle can be unscrewed and bit shank put in its place, to be used for boring, drilling or cutting washers. Handle can also be screwed into a vise at right angles, which is desirable for many kinds of work.

HAND VISE NO. 2. Is quite similar to the No. 1, described above, but without the small tools, and is blued steel finish with polished jaws. It may be used as a vise, wrench or drill chuck and is a very substantial tool. Price, $1.50; weight, 18 oz.

For many years a fashion has prevailed of printing in catalogues a list of names of "Distinguished Patrons." In a catalogue before us we find that 42 pages are given up to such a list, together with letters. If we were to undertake to print a list, it would fill a great many more than 42 pages. If we had kept all the complimentary letters we have received, we would have enough to stuff a mattress (the uncomplimentary ones might possibly make a very small pillow). There are very few of the most important concerns in the country who are not customers of ours. Among the best known are:

ELECTRICAL CONCERNS —General Electric Co., Westinghouse Co. and others.

AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS —Nichols & Shepard, Advance Thresher Co., Walter A. Wood Co., McCormick Co.

CAR COMPANIES —Pullman, Michigan-Peninsular, Barney & Smith, and others.

PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS —Cornell University, Purdue University, Universities of Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Chicago, Dakota, etc., etc., besides hundreds of other Colleges, Schools, Penitentiaries, Reformatories, Alms Houses, etc., etc.

RAILROADS— Pennsylvania System, New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Michigan Central (who say they would buy a good deal more stuff of us if our 'prices weren't so high), and a great many others.

Besides this, there are any number of manufacturing concerns in all lines, producers of Gold, Glass and Glue, Silver, Salt and Soda, Copper, Cotton, and Capsules, and so on ad infinitum. It is of course quite gratifying to have amongst our customers thousands of the largest and best known manufacturing and mercantile concerns throughout the world, but"Why should the spirit of
mortal be proud?" There are, without a doubt, many thousand users of Tools, Supplies and Machinery of less celebrity, whose requirements are .just as exacting, and whose wants are just as important. When Mr. Charles H. Nye, of Loveland, Ohio, orders a few chisels, an oilstone and a screw driver, or when Mr. William Essig, of Bangor, Me., orders a few twist drills, a few pounds of babbit, and a few feet of leather belting, these gentlemen are quite as able to judge of the quality, and are perhaps just as particular in regard to the quality and prices —perhaps more so —than the gentlemen who do the buying for the Standard Oil Co., the Westinghouse Co., or the Pullman Car Co.

THEREFORE —To the many thousand readers of our catalogues who are regular customers of ours, we have no references to offer. They know our goods and our methods, but to the many thousands more who have never dealt with us, we can offer nothing better in the way of references than the catalogues themselves, and if a careful perusal of these catalogues does not convince the reader that we know what we are talking about when it comes to the question of Tools, Machinery and Supplies, we will have to give it up as a bad job.

Diamond Vise, Oval Slide Vise, Hand Vise