Dimension Saw 0143

with danger to the operator, but saves time by preventing annoyance from slivers and saw-dust.

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The Robbins Table Co. write, "Your Guards are complete in every detail, are easy to put on the machine, and a workman cannot possibly get his hand on the teeth of the saw. One of our saws has a record of three men cut and five fingers lost in one year, but since we put on your Guards there has not been a single accident. "

No. 1, $6.00, for any saw up to 16 in. diam.

No. 2, $7.00, for saws between 17 and 24 in. diam. 

FIG. 4068.


. This is a machine just brought out it has iron frame and wood top. Will carry saws up to 24 inches in diam.; has a good adjustable gauge; top is 34x56 in., glued up in strips, hinged at back and adjusted from front by crank. Weight, 415 lbs.

Price, with Gauge, $55.00; Counter-shaft, extra, $16.50.

FIG. 4069.


. This machine is the same as the fore-going, excepting that it is arranged with Arbor to raise and fall instead oftable. Is suitable for saws up to 22 in. diam. Weight, 435 ibs.

Price, with Gauge, $67.50 ; Counter-shaft, extra, $16.50.

FIG. 4070.



This machine and the one which follows are two of the most popular Sawing Machines that we sell. Are made from new patterns, and are designed for both general and special work in Carriage, Pattern, Furniture, Moulding and Picture Frame factories. The iron table is well braced, and measures 80x48 in. It is planed true and has grooved ways planed in it on each side of saw, so that interchangeable, cross-cut and miter fences can be used. The Ripping Gauge can be angled to any bevel; all gauges can be removed in a moment's time; throat piece in table is removable, so that grooving saws and dado heads can be used With each machine we furnish one each, 12 in. Rip and Cross-Cut Saw; Collars, Flanges, one Bevel Gauge, one Angle Cross-cut Gauge, and one Square Cross-cut Gauge.

Price, $90.00; weight, 750 lbs.

FIG. 4071.


. This machine is of the same general type as the foregoing. It is very useful for general purposes, and especially so for pattern work . The machine isheavy, self-contained, and the table may be tilted to 45 degrees. The table measures 36x48 in.; degree marks are cut in front radius, indicating angle of table while tilted. With each machine we furnish one 18 in. Saw, Ripping, Cross-cut and Miter Gauges, Wrenches, etc. Price, $125.00; weight, 1200 lbs.


The range of this machine adapts it for every variety of Straight and Angular Sawing, which it does rapidly, and with such accuracy that the plane is hardly necessary to perfect the finish. It is designed especially for Cabinet and Pattern Shops, Furniture, Chair, and Carriage Factories, and all places where the best work is wanted, it being essentially a high-grade machine.

Its parts are few and simple, its combinations many, and adapted to change without calculation, mistake or delay.

DIMENSIONS —Stationary Table 38x19 in. Sliding Table 38x16 in. It carries two 12 in. saws, or will carry one 9 and one 16 in., or one 18 in. saw.

Price, complete, with Countershaft, two 12 in. Saws, and all Gauges, $211.00. Weight, 1000 lbs.

FIG. 4072.


Fig. 4073 shows position of table when set for Ripping Bevels. Table can be tilted to an angle of 45 degrees.

Fig. 4075 shows the manner of hollowing Core Boxes, Staves, Mouldings, etc. The Splitting Fence is set at an angle to the saw, and the stock is moved diagonally across the same. By varying the angle, wide or narrow curves can be taken. Depth is quickly adjusted by hand wheel.


Fig. 4074 shows position for cutting Flaring Angles, such as Carriage Seats, Sides of Trays, etc.

Fig 4076 shows machine with

Dado Head

Dimension Saw