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ROY STEEL TAPE. This Tape is offered to meet the demand from Contractors, Builders, Masons and other who appeciate the value of steel measuring tapes, but who do not feel inclined to invest in the higher-priced article. While it is sold at a comparatively low price, none of its practical features have been sacrificed. The measurements are as accurate as in our high-priced goods, and are guaranteed. Are marked only on one side, in feet, inches and eighths. Case is nickel plated, and is compact and durable.

METALLIC MEASURING TAPE. This Tape is similar in appearance and style to the well known No. 34L Chesterman Tape. The Tape is s in.wide, made of best woven linen, with metallic warp, hard leather case, folding handles, divided in 10ths or 12ths, as desired, and reverse side marked with links.

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LINEN MEASURING TAPE. This is an entirely new line intended to supply the demand for an accurate, strong tape, at a comparatively low price. The Tape is 1 in. wide, of best woven linen, reinforced with leather the first four inches, and heavily coated. The case is of hard leather with flush handle and nickel plated trimmings. Tapes are marked one side only in feet, inches and half inches.

ENAMELED CASE TAPE. This is what is commonly known as an ass-skin tape, with white enameled brass bound case. It is the lowest priced Tape made, and is only adapted to the most ordinary work. There are several grades of Tapes between this and the Tape represented by Fig. 3607, but when it comes to accuracy and wearing qualities they are really not enough better to warrant us in cataloguing them, although in some cases the prices are two or three times as much.

DIVIDERS AND CALIPERS. (In our Metal Workers' catalogue, "A Book of Tools" (see page 744 of this book) will be found a complete line of Machinists' Calipers and Dividers, embracing some thirty odd styles.)

WING DIVIDERS. In the regular Wing Dividers we carry in stock two makes, Bemis & Call and Peck, Stow & Wilcox. The B. & C. are of much the better quality, although the P., S. & W. are superior to the majority of Dividers sold.

COOK'S DIVIDERS. This is a standard tool, of excellent quality and reasonable in price. They are made with either single or double extension points, which can be replaced by pencil.

IMPROVED EXTENSION DIVIDERS. This is a tool of the same general design as Fig. 3611, with some improvements; and is a somewhat better tool. The 7 in. size, by adjustment of points becomes 9 in., and will scribe a 22 in. circle, caliper 11 in. outside and 13 in. inside. The 9 in. size, by adjustment of points becomes 12 in., will scribe a 30 in. circle, caliper 14 in. outside and 16 in. inside.

IMPROVED BRONZE DIVIDER AND CALIPER. This is an extremely useful combination tool, The head and socket legs are made from drawn bronze metal, are strong, finely finished and nickel plated. A common pencil fits either socket, while an auxiliary holder fits reversed end of either short point for an extension. The head with short point is 8 in. long; with short points will scribe a 24 in circle, and with long points a 34 in. circle.

BALL POINTS. These Ball Points can be used with Trammels (Fig. 3619), or with Dividers (Figs. 3612 and 3613). The attachment consists of three balls of 1 in., 4 in. and 4 in. diam. respectively, and a holder which fits either divider leg or trammel head. It is used to form a seat for the divider leg in describing circles around a hole, and for many purposes is indispensable.

Dividers & Calipers plus special measuring tapes