lever and weights. Out-Feeding Roll is held down by large steel coil springs, making a strong, positive Feed. There

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are two changes of Feed, Fast and Slow. Price includes Countershaft.

Price, $175.00; weight, 2000 lbs.

working, whereby pieces 3} in. long, or even shorter, may be surfaced perfectly true. The Bonnet or Chip Breaker is steel faced, and swings concentrically with the cylinder, within the limits of the cut.

Large Housings are provided to cover the gearing on both sides of the machine. These may be lifted off by slacking two screws.

These machines plane from a to*7 in. thick. Price includes Countershaft. Weight.

Divided Roll and Bonnet, 24 in., $49.25; 27 in., $55.25; 30 in., $61.25; 36 in., $68.00.


This Machine is practically the same as the No. 4 Heavy Planer Double Belted, with the addition of the Lower Cylinder and a special Countershaft for driving it.
The Lower Cylinder is a solid steel forging, provided with 2 Knives. The Bearings are unusually long, and very carefully fitted.
These machines plane from -N to 7 in. thick; 2 Countershafts are furnished, one of which is located directly in the rear of the machine to drive the Lower Cylinder. The main Counter can be over the machine, or below the floor, as
desired. Weight.
24 in. Planer, $552.50; 5000 lbs.
Extra for Divided Roll and Bonnet, 24 in., $49.25; 27 in., $55.25; 30 in., $61.25; 36 in., $68.00.
FIG. 5208.
The cut represents a newly designed Surfacer and Planer suitable for work 24 in. wide, from to 8 in. thick, either hard or soft wood. The design, workmanship, finish and weight are good. It will do smooth, fast work. An especially attractive feature is the price, which is lower, we believe, than any machine of like quality has been furnished for, up to the present time, and is fully equal in all respects to many of the Planers that are sold at prices from 15 to 25 per cent higher.
Frame is cast in one piece; is strong and solid. The Table or Bed is also cast in one piece, and is dovetailed into the Frame with extra long Bearings. Table is raised and lowered by means of Crank Handle, an Indicator on side of Frame showing exact thickness ma-chine is set to plane.
Cylinder is of forged steel, with large Journals and long Self-oiling Boxes. The Cylinder is Double Belted, having a pulley at both ends.
Both Pressure Bars work very close to the Knives, are adjustable independently of each other and the Feed Rolls, thus insuring steadiness even when planing very short and thin stuff. They are Self-adjusting, regulating them-selves to the various sizes of thick and thin lumber.
Feed is driven from Cylinder; can be stopped or started instantly. Feed Rolls (4 in number) are of steel, are strongly geared, and set as close to the Cylinder as possible. In-Feeding Roll is fluted, and held down by connected

This Machine, which we do not illustrate, is a Single Belted Planer of similar design and construction to the fore-going, with the exception that the Feed is driven from Countershaft. It planes 24# in. wide, and from 1'-6 to 8 in. thick. We can recommend this machine as thoroughly reliable, and the best machine for the money in the market. Price includes Countershaft.
Price, $160.00; weight, 1850 lbs.
FIG. 5209.
26 INCH DOUBLE BELTED PLANER. This Machine planes 26 in. wide and 7 in. thick ; is a heavy, strong, well made tool. Price includes Counter-shaft.
Price, $240.00; weight, 2700 lbs.
The Machine shown here is of quite recent design ; is simple, convenient of adjustment, strong and fast-feeding, and will do excellent, smooth work. The Frame is cast in one piece, is wide at the base; heavy, strong, and solid.
The Table is also cast in one piece. The entire Table, with Matcher Heads,
FIG. 5210.
is raised and lowered by means of Crank Handle. An Indicator shows exact thickness machine is set to plane.
Cylinder is Double Belted, having a pulley at both ends. Cylinder Head is four-sided, being slotted on two sides to admit of Patent Siding, Beading, Moulding and other Cutters, being attached without removing the straight knives, so that Surfacing, Matching and Moulding may be done at one operation.
Pressure Bars are Self-adjusting, the Pressure Bar and Chip Breaker being placed on each side of the Cylinder, insuring steadiness when planing short and thin stuff.
Feed consists of 6 large steel Feed Rolls. Is very powerful, driven from the Cylinder, and can be instantly stopped and started.
Matcher Heads move up and down with Table, thus saving time in separate adjustments, and can be instantly removed when desired, leaving the table clear for planing its entire width. The Matcher Spindles aro of forged steel, the Heads of gun metal.
This Machine planes 24 in. wide, from } to 8 in. thick, and Matches any width up to 12 in. Has two changes of Feed, 25 and 45 lineal ft. per minute.
Price includes Countershaft, and one set of Knives and Bits for Planing, Matching, Beading and Patent Siding.
Price, $290.00; weight, 2500 lbs.