Double Saw Bench 0144

The cut shows a newly designed Saw Bench arranged with 2 Arbors for carrying a Cut-off and a Rip Saw at the same time. It is a finely made tool, the workmanship and finish being of the best quality.

The Iron Table is 44x48 in., and has no crosswise slots, the Ripping Gauge being arranged on a way outside of the table. This Gauge is adjustable to a miter, is accurately stopped at both miter and square, and can be set at any intermediate angle. Cut-off Gauges are provided, one of which is adjustable to a miter, and they may be used on either side of the saw.. Adjustable Screws are convenient, the shifting of both Arbors being done instantly. Arbors are 11 in. diem., Col tars 4 in. diam. A large Throat PIate admits both saws, and an iron plate fills the opening. One Arbor extends beyond the nut to accommodate Cutter Heads of various kinds.

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