SHAPERS OR FRIEZERS. We show here two styles of Single Spindle Shapers. Although somewhat different in construction, they are of the same general type, both using the Friction Reverse, which is now generally conceded to be a great improvement over the old style.

REVERSIBLE SHAPER. This is a strong built machine, with many new improvements. The column is cast open in order that the operator may have free access to the working parts. An important feature is the Frictionless Collars, lined with ball bearing. With each machine is furnished one Expansion Head, which will admit cutters 2 in. wide. This Head is convenient for all shapes of cutters, and can be removed from spindle without displacing cutter. We also furnish 33 Guide Collars, and one set of Groove Flanges. Size of Table, 33x36 in.

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REVERSIBLE SHAPER. This machine is of new design; the frame is cast in box form, and is heavyand rigid. Spindle is of cast steel, 1 in. diam.; the journals are 6 in. long. Table is usually of Iron (Wood Table furnished if ordered). The Shifter Pedal is Self-locking and Self-releasing. With each machine are furnished 1 Detachable Upper Spindle Section, 9 Guide Collars, 1 Table Ring, 1. pair Plain Knives or 1 Reversible Cutter, 5 ft. of Shifter Shaft with Attachments.

DOUBLE SPINDLE SHAPER & VARIETY MOULDING MACHINE. These machines have been redesigned and improved during the past year. An advantageous feature is the Ball Bearing Step which reduces friction to a minimum. No. 0 machine is very heavy, and is designed more especially for Car or Wagon Shops. Spindles are of 2 inch steel; length of Bearings 8 and 6 in. respectively, top and bottom. Table is of Iron, 46x55 in. Distance between spindles 28 in. Price includes Plain Countershaft, and one set of each, 2 and 4 in. Steel Collars. For Double Countershaft add $10.00. Price, No. 0 Machine, $165.00; weight 1400 lbs.

No. 1 Machine is practically the same as No. 0, excepting that it has 11 in. spindles 26 in. apart, top 96x53 in., and one set of each, 11 and 3 in. Steel Collars. Price No. 1 Machine, $155.00; weight, 1250 lbs.

DOUBLE VARIETY SHAPER. These machines are not so late a design as the others, but are thoroughly practical, convenient and well made. The Wood Tops on machine are made from well-seasoned hard wood glued up from 2 in. square stuff.

No. 2, Wood Top, $125.00; Iron Top, $132.00. Spindles 1 y in. steel, 24 in. between spindles. Top 44x48, and one set of each, 1 and 3 in. Steel Collars. Weight, Wood Top, 800 lbs.; Iron Top, 1100 lbs.

No. 3, Wood Top, $115.00; Iron Top, $120.00. Spindles 1 in. steel, 22 in. between spindles. Top 40x45 in., and one set of each, 11 and 2 in. Steel Collars. Weight, IATood Top, 700 lbs.; Iron Top, 1000 lbs.

COMBINATION SHAPER, SAW AND JOINTER. This machine can be used for a great variety of purposes, as a Shaper, Rip or Cut-off Saw, Hand Planer, Dado Machine, etc. The Spindle near center of machine can be set perpendicular, horizontal, or at any angle. The Spindle and Boxes at end of machine can be removed. Spindles are raised or lowered by means of a screw; Table is hinged at the back, has screw and hand wheel for raising it in front. Price includes Countershaft. Price, with 1 Spindle, $75.00; with 2 Spindles, as shown in cut, $100.00.

SHAPER GUARD. This Attachment can be bolted to Shaper Table back of the Spindle, and will be found a very valuable feature.

SMALL SHAPER. This Edge Moulding or Shaping Machine is designed for the use of Carpenters. Cabinet Makers and all Wood Workers who desire to finish straight, curved or irregular work with moulded edges. It is a strong, well made machine, has been improved within the past few months, and is usually used by hand or foot power, but can he arranged to use with power. Cutters up to 11 in. face can be used. Spindle is easily adjusted up and down, and may be run either way to suit the grain of the wood.