This is a Compact and simple machine, easy and convenient of operation; a move at the one lever accomplishes all. Machine is suitable for any thickness from i to 1i in. hard or soft wood. In an actual test the 13 in. machine has dovetailed 400 drawers, 8x6 inches, in ten hours.

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No. 1 Machine, $165.00; dove-tails 13 in.

No. 2 Machine, $173.00 ; dove-tails 15 in.

No. 3 Machine, $185.00 ; dove-tails 17 in.

Any of these machines can be used as a Shaper. In this case, we supply it with Patent Friction Reverse, similar to that shown in Fig. 5139, at extra expense. 

This is the same mechanism as shown on above machine, and can be fitted to almost any Single Spindle Shaper at small expense.
No. 1, dove-tails 13 in., price $70.00; No. 2, dove-tails 15 in., price $80.0; No. 3, dove-tails 17 in., price $90.00.
FIG. 5155.
DOVE-TAIL CUTTER AND STEEL CHUCK. Dove-Tail Cutters, $1.00 each ; Steel Chuck, $4.00.
FIG. 5156.
The cut represents a new Dove-Tailing Machine, which has the advantage of completing a corner to a drawer front or side, at one operation. Spindles are driven by cut gears; carriage is operated with ease by a double lever; machine is made in four sizes, 9, 12, 15 and 24 Spindles, and will dove-tail any width up to 8, 11, 14 and 23 in. respectively, and will dove-tail stuff from -& to 1 inch thick. Price includes Countershaft and full set of Bits.
9 Spindle Machine, $194.50 ; 800 lbs.
12 " " 220.00 ; 900 "
15 " " 261.00;1200 "
24 " " 517.00 ; 1500 "
NOTE —If you will take the pains to explain your wants as fully as possible it may save us considerable trouble. You know what you want —or at least what you want to accomplish —we don't, and are poor "guessers."
Another good idea is to— sometimesi n c l o s e a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
This machine is used extensively for making drawers for cabinet work, and makes a beautiful, strong joint. Machine consists of Cut-off Saw, Hollow Bit for forming. Bit for making the holes for pins, and Cutters for making curved joint.
Fig. 5157 shows style of Joint.
Price of Machine, complete with Countershaft, $250.00.
There are many styles of Panel Raisers in the market. We show here two different types. each being the best of its particular style.
These machines will produce absolutely smooth work on all kinds of hard, soft or cross-grained woods. They raise the panel and chamfer the corner of tenon ready to fit into the groove, leaving no ridges or sharp corners to be hand planed or sand papered.
FIG. 5159.
NO. 2 POWER FEED PANEL RAISER. This machine, like the other, is of new design. It is, we believe, easily the best Panel Raising Machine in the market. Will raise any style of panels from 1 to 3i in. without change of heads or cutters. If desired, an Ogee can be raised on one side, a Bevel on the other. The long or spiral cutters that raise the tenon have a shear or draw cut. The cutters are made circular, and will give more wear than any other style of knives. The machine produces perfectly smooth work, requiring no further preparation for oiling. Cutters are interchangeable, and any style of panel can be made by changing circular cutters without changing the tenoning knives. Price of machine includes Countershaft, one set of Heads, with two sets of Top Circular Cutters, Wrenches, etc., etc. Price, $150.00.
FIG. 5160. NO. 1 PANEL RAISER. This machine uses the Acme Panel Head. It raises the panel and chamfers