Draughtsman has changed to Draftsman since 1897 0089

Draughtsmans' SUPPLIES. On the following pages we list our line of Draughtsmans' Supplies, which, like our Instruments, embraces only the most used and essential. All of this line is selected with especial care as to quality, and in each class we aim to have the best.

DRAUGUTSMANS' FLAT SCALE represents the most common form of Flat Scales. These are made of boxwood, and divided and 1inch to the foot, U. S. Standard -
We can also furnish β€”theβ€” above style of Scale with white edges, which are very desirable, as the divisions are much more easily read.

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These Scales are divided into 10 ths, as follows: A! 10x50, 10x30, 20x40, 30x60, 40x80, 50x100, and 80x100 parts to the inch.1,These.are made 6 and 12 inches long only, with either plain or white edges. 4. Prices same as above for corresponding kind.

TRIANGULAR SCALES. Triangular Scales are too well known to need any further descriptiou.1 They are graduated β€žβ€ž -far, , ,I, 1, 1-h and 3 inches to the foot, and on one edce to 16ths of an inch. The above Scales graduated for Engineers' use at the same prices as their corresponding kinds.


TRANSPARENT AMBER CURVES. These are fast coming into general use, as their transparency is very advantageous for the class of work for which they are designed. They are much cleaner to handle, and are tougher than wood.

STRAIGHT EDGE. These are all made of Mahogany and Ebony lined.

T SQUARES. We carry in stock such Squares as meet the most general demand. Can furnish various other kinds and qualities.- Our Squares are of two classes; Plain and Swivel Head, lined and unlined. They are made of three different kinds of woods, viz: Cherry, Ash and Mahogany. The Ash Squares are lined with Maple and have Walnut heads; the Mahogany are lined with Ebony, and are the best Squares for general use, as they are less liable to warp or get out of shape.

PRICES OF SWIVEL T SQUARES. We can furnish T Squares lined with Transparent Amber, but the long strips are apt to warp and we do not consider them very reliable.

BRAMWELL SWIVEL T SQUARE. We recommend this T Square to be the best Swivel Head T Square on the market. The head can be swiveled and held rigidly at any point of angle. They have a mahogany blade, ebony lined.

JOINTED WOOD TRIANGLES We carry in stock Triangles, made in the saute kinds of wood as the '1' Squares described in opposite column.

TRANSPARENT AMBER TRIANGLES. These are fast taking the place of the Rubber and Wooden Triangles previously sold, as they are cleaner to handle,tougher in material and are transparent, which is very advantageous for general use. Their value cau only be appreciated by using them.

Draughtsman has changed to Draftsman since 1897