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ROUND - BEVELED. The above represent our best Thumb Tacks. These are hand-made, of German Silver, having hardened steel points of proper length and thickness. They are screwed into the heads and riveted ; will not break or bend easily. The heads of these Tacks are very thin, which will be of advantage in using the T square.

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ROUND HEADS. BEVELED HEADS is made from solid steel, inch in diameter.

THUMB TACKS WITH RIVETED STEEL POINTS.These Tacks are not equal in quality to our best, but are very good. Furnished With Round or Beveled Heads.

PUNCHED STEEL TACKS These Tacks are made of Punched Sheet Steel, and are meeting with great favor. Their chief recommendation is the low price at which they are sold. We can furnish the above style Tacks with covered heads (protecting the thumb from injury in case the points should, accidentally break off and push through), at the following prices. These also are better finished and Nickel Plated.

DRAWING INK. The use of Liquid India Inks has to a great extent superseded the old Stick form, and we believe it is more desirable for general use, Higgins' Inks are made in two classes, viz: Water Proof and General. The Water Proof Ink is the best to use when drawings are apt to get damp or wet, as it will not run or blur. The General Ink is used for regular office drawings, and is made in various colors, viz: Carmine, Scarlet, Vermillion, Brick-red, Blue,Green, Violet, Indigo, Brown, Yellow and Orange. To dilute the Black inks, use distilled water, with a little aqua ammonia; four drops to the ounce of water. To dilute Colored inks, use distilled water only. Never add any acid or. mix with other Inks,

The A W Faber Pencils and Leads are generally conceded to be the best goods of this class made. We carry these in stock in thirteen different grades, as fol lows. 6-B (very soft and very black), 5-B, 4-B, 3-B (soft and black ), 2-B, B, HB (medium), H. 2-H, 3-H (quite hard), 4-H, 5-H, 6-H (very hard). All grades are the same price.

BLUE PRINT FRAMES. Frame With With Pol.

BATH TRAYS FOR BLUE PRINT FRAMES These are zinc trays with drain pipes, strong wired rim and hardened braces.

STEEL-RIBBED DRAWING BOARD. These Boards are well made, of select. 5ed white pine, only the choicest stock being used Are made.

MORSE DRAWING TABLE, STYLE "Ft" WITH The Universal Drawing Tables made by the Morse Machine Co. are furnished in a great variety of styles and sizes. We will be pleased to send catalogue showing illustrations and giving prices of the different sizes. The cut shows style with Attachment No. 4 , site of top 30x36 inches This is the most popular size and style; price $16.50', other styles and sizes ranging in price from $10.00 to $40.00. The se Blue Print Frames are made of Hardwood and nicely finished, have Brass Mountings. With or without Felt Cushion.

Drawing Inks by the bottle;