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(For description see Fig. 3299.) We carry in stock all sizes given below with 6 in. twist; also all sizes from $ to 1$ in. x 16ths of an inch, with 4 in. twist. The price of 4 in. twist bits are the same as the 6 in. All shanks are turned, and are 1 inch in diam. by 2 in. long. Special shanks take special price.

Forstner Machine Bit
SCREW SHANK. We can furnish to order Machine Bits of almost any pattern or style, and if special bits are wanted, it will be well for us to know the kind of woods they are to bore and the conditions under which they are to be worked.

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DRILL HEAD MACHINE BIT. These Machine Bits are intended for hard wood in boring end wood only. If used on anything else they will draw in like a cork screw. Will bore an absolutely straight hole, as there is no screw or point to follow the seams or grain of the wood. The sizes we list here are carried in stock with shanks 4 x 2 in. and 6 in. twist Can furnish this bit to order in any size or length of twist desired.

BIT POINT DRILL. (At times called Machine Bit for wood.) Bit Point Drills are coming into quite general use; they are intended more especially for the harder woods. They work quite satisfactorily on medium and hard woods. Although somewhat higher in price than regular Machine Bits, they are in many cases much more economical, as they can be sharpened and used as long as there is any twist left. They are also very strong. The shanks are parallel with the bit —that is— a - inch bit has a I in. shank, a $ inch bit a a in. shank. With exception of the extremely large sizes, Drills can be sent by mail at very small expense.

DRILL CHUCKS. Notwithstanding the largely increased demand for Drill Chucks, there are a
great many users of Boring Bits and Drills who have never been led to see the advantages from an economical point of view, of Drill Chucks, and out of the thousands of boring machines in use, perhaps not more than one in fifty is supplied with a suitable chuck. We
refer more especially to power boring machinery, although there are many cases in which chucks can be used to advantage on hand boring machinery. Most of the power boring Machines sup-plied at the present time have the arbor or spindle bored with k in. hole, in which the bit is fastened with a set screw.

Drill Chucks are made to take round shank tools of any kind with shanks from 0 diameter up to their capacity, which in the different sizes range from 4 to 14 inch. There are many points of advantage to be gained by using these, among them, first, time saved in trying to fix up ordinary shank bits with tin, solder and various other devices; second, money saved in the difference of prices in small sized bits.

For example, Fig. 3351, A. No. 48 bit point drill lists at 24 cents, while Fig. 3353, 36 No. 50 bit point drill ( which is identical, excepting that it has -4 inch shank) lists at 48 cents. Where a great many small bits are used, the difference saved will soon pay the cost of a chuck. Third, countersinks, reamers and other cutting tools can be made of any round steel that is conveniently at hand, and used in chuck without the trouble and expense of fitting it to exact size.

Drill chucks for sale on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

BIT POINT DRILL. (With shanks 1 x 2I inch.) These Bits have the uniform shanks; can be used in nearly all styles of boring machines. Can also furnish Bits of this style with Morse taper shank, at the same prices.

MACHINE BITS. Machine Bits are used almost entirely by power, and the conditions under which they are worked are quite different from those under which any style of Hand Boring Bits are used. The Machine Bits we show here are such as are carried in stock by us, and such as are the most generally useful.

We carry in stock sixteen different styles of Drill Chucks in 47 different sizes, and ranging in price from $1.25 upwards. Full description and prices will be found in "A Book of Tools"

Drill chucks & Ford Car Machine Bits