Duplex Rabbet Plane & Fillister 0016

This is a tool that has been much needed by pattern makers, wheelwrights and others for planing out semi-circles. The plane is so constructed that the sides can be extended by additional sections, 2i in. wide, until a diameter of 10 in. can be worked if desired.
No. 57, $2.50, Core Box Plane, for semi-circles up to 2i in. diameter. Additional sections, per pair, $0.85.

This plane will lie perfectly flat on either side, and can be used with right or left hand equally as well.

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The valuable features of this plane can be seen by a glance at the illustration given above. Remove the arm to which the fence is secured, and a Handled Rabbet Plane is had; and with two scats for the cutter, so that the tool can be used as a Bull-Nose Rabbet if required. The construction of the stock is such that the plane will lie perfectly flat on either side, and can be used with right or left hand equally well, while planing into corners or up against perpendicular surfaces. The arm to which the fence is secured can be screwed into either side of the stock, thus making a superior right or left hand Fillister, with adjustable spur and depth gauge.

For Beading, Reeding or Fluting straight or irregular surfaces, and for all kinds of light Routering, this is a very convenient little tool for odd jobbing and tinkering work. It has a square gauge, for straight, and an oval gauge for curved work. Both ends ofthe cutters are sharpened, thus embracing six sizes of Beads, 4 sets Reeds, 2 Fluters, and a double Router Iron.

Ebay auctions for Fillisters; text continued below.

Several years ago a Vermont Yankee brought out a tool called the New Beading & Moulding Tool. In its general workings it was quite similar to the No. 66 Hand Beader (Fig. 3048), but was rather more elaborately gotten up. We advertised it in an earlier edition of our Woodworkers' Tool catalogue, and sold a great many of them. In fact, although they have been out of the market for several years, we still get an occasional order. The selling price was $2.00.

In looking over an old lot of letters received about that time, we find two letters pinned together. These letters were received within a day or two of each other.

Here's one :
LISBON FALLS, Me., Nov. 22, 1885. Gentlemen :—I have received the New Beading & Moulding Tool, and I must say that I am delighted with it. If I could not get another, I would not take $25.00 cash for it.
Yours respectfully,
CHAS. H. KOEPKA. and here's the other :

DENVER, Colo., Nov. 18, 1885. Dear Sirs:—The tools sent me on the 2nd of the month have been received. They are a splendid lot, and I am well satisfied with all of them excepting the New Beading & Moulding Tool. I think this is a humbug, and I must say that it takes a — (we don't care to print this word) sight more ingenuity to use this tool than it did to invent it. Would like to send it back in exchange for something else, if I may.
Yours truly,
We relieved Mr. Callahan's disgust by exchanging the tool, but it has always remained a matter of wonder with us as to which of these men diagnosed the case right.

This tool should be in the kit of every skilled carpenter, cabinet maker, stair builder, pattern maker or wheelwright. It is perfectly adapted to smooth the bottom of grooves, panels, or all depressions below the general surface of any wood work. This tool has lately been improved in form, and an additional yoke or clamp is now sent with each one. It is nickel plated.

PATENT FLOOR PLANE.This tool will be found useful for planing floors, bowling alleys, skating rinks, decks of vessels, etc. The construction of the plane will enable the owner to do more work, and with less outlay of strength, than can be done with any other tool. The weight of the plane is about 10 lbs., and the full length of the handle 45 in.

BULL NOSE RABBET PLANE. No. 75, $0.23, 4 in. long, 1 in. cutter.

Duplex Rabbet Plane & Fillister