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Emery Grinders, Detroit Grinders 0117

EMERY GRINDERS. The line of Detroit Grinders calls for more, than passing notice.

Very few people consider the amount of work that is "piled onto" an Emery Grinder. A 10 inch wheel, running at regular speed, makes 2,200 revolutions a minutes about 1.300,000 in a working day, the periphery of the wheel traveling 600 miles in the same time ; and a Grinder is expected to last a good many years. The ordinary Emery Grinder is quite a simple machine to make, as there are not many parts, and no intricate ones ; this is the reason, no doubt, that so many machine shops, when casting about for some-thing to "-. manufacture," pitch upon the Grinder. Some manufacturers of Emery Grinders in stating their capacity, make claims far beyond what ordinary prudence would dictate, and it is well to examine and compare critically the dimensions of various parts of different machines.

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We are not "calamity howlers," but there is a great element of danger in the improper use of Emery Wheels. We have seen in a machine shop a 14x2 inch Collars 3 inches diameter, and without washers between Collar and Wheel. We sometimes wonder why there are not ten times as many Emery Wheel accidents as there are, and feel compelled to agree with the old saying; "There's a special Providence watching over Children, Drunken Men and Fools." The capacity of Grinders, as given in table of dimensions on this page, is ample safe. An important advantage these rinders have over many other makes, is the longer Spindle, and greater distance between Wheels. In the larger sizes, two men can work comfortably, without crowding. They also cover sufficient floor space to prevent the jarring, which is so common a feature on many Emery Grinders with small bases For Washers or Gaskets to be used between the Emery Wheels and Collars, we prefer to use Rubber Packing, as it comes more uniform in thickness than leather. Good thick cardboard will answer very well, if the others are not at hand.

COMPLETENESS. —The completeness of this catalogue does not consist in showing or describing every known style of Tool or Machine. If we undertook to do this, we should have a book so unwieldy in size as to prevent its being used constantly as a book of reference, which is a most desirable feature. On the other hand hand there must be a variety, in accordance with customers' requirements, and pocket books. And this variety we have Made an effort to maintain throughout catalogue. Where it has seemed necessary to present different lines of the same kind of tools, we have in all cases shown the very best in their respective classes.

Emery Grinders, Detroit Grinders