Emery, Ruby & Garnet paper 0122

GROUND EMERY We usually carry in stock all numbers of Emery from 14 to FF (fine flour). Upon receipt of 10 cents ( which is less than cost of putting up and postage) we will send to any address a wooden case, containing 6 bottles of Emery of assorted grades, such as are most commonly used, or as customer may desire. In this connection, we give a comparative list of the numbers of Emery as used on Emery Paper and Cloth, and these same numbers are used to express the different grades of Sand Paper.

Best Turkish Emery, small lots, 10 cts. lb.; in lots of 10 to 50 lbs., 7 cts. lb. We will be pleased to name special prices in large quantities. Emery comes from the mill in kegs containing from 300 to 350 lbs., and in kegs, containing from 150 to 175 lbs. In shipping, we generally use Stark grain bags, for all quantities from 50 to 150 lbs., for which we charge market price, about 15 cents. The bag is useful for any other purpose.

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CORUNDUM. We usually carry in stock all numbers of Corundum from 14 to 160. Price, in small lots, 15 cts. per lb. Will be pleased to name special prices on larger lots."See article on Emery and Corundum.

SAND PAPER BLOCK. This Is a most ingenious arrangement for holding Sandpaper Is made of steel, and has cork bottom. Size 3x5 inches. The sand paper is placed in a half-minute. We also have the Solid Cork Blocks, 3x4x1i in. Price, each, $0.10.

SAND PAPER AND EMERY CLOTH. We handle the best quality of Sand and Flint Paper, and usually keep in stock the H. H. Barton and Baeder, Adamson & Co. brands.

FRENCH EMERY PAPER. This is an extra fine quality paper, and is used extensively for all fine polishing work. An idea of the comparative fineness may be gained from the fact, that. the No. 00 regular Emery paper is about equal to the French No 0 Nos 0 and 00 000 & 0000, finest

BARTON'S GARNET' PAPER. There are perhaps six or eight different concerns who make the so-called "Garnet" and "Ruby " papers. We believe the original makers of the Garnet paper were H. H. Barton & Son, and of the Ruby paper, Herman Behr & Co. The Behr Ruby Paper is considered especially desirable on shoe work. Garnet paper is considerably higher in price than Sand, or Flint Paper, but it is claimed will do from two to three times as much work, and judging from the fact that the leading woodworking establishments in the country buy it in large quantities, and the demand is constantly Increasing, we are Inclined to believe the claims made for it are well substantiated. In this connection, it would be well to bear in mind that the cost in time —which means money —of changing, or renewing, the paper on Sanding Machines is apt to be more than the cost of the paper itself; and that a large portion of this expense is saved In using a paper that will do twice the work

GARNET POLISHING PAPER. The Garnet Finishing, or Polishing Paper, is made of thin, fine stock paper It can be twisted and used almost like a handkerchief; is used by furniture makers and others for fine finishing work; and also by pattern makers for getting, in sharp corners. For this purpose It will do double the work In less time than Sand Paper We usually keep this In three different grades, all fine, from No I to 0000 Price, per ream, 83 50, price per quire. 25 cents

GARNET PAPER IN ROLLS. Nos. 0 to 14 2 24 3

SAND PAPER IN ROLLS. We carry a large line of Sand Paper in 50 yard rolls, 23i, 30, 36 and 40 inches In width, but do not sell less than full rolls.