End Boring bit, Plug cutter, Mortise bits 0054

The above represents a Combination Bit and Counterbore or Countersink for machine. The shanks on these are 4 x li in. Total length about 6 in. This bit has a drill running through the center the entire length, which can be adjusted if desired. This drill is held in place by the spring of the shank which is slotted. The tool is tempered the entire length and can be used as long as there is any twist left to either of the bits, and the smaller drill can be replaced at little expense should it break. The sizes given in list are of the large bit, and any of these sizes can be furnished with A-, A, A, 4 or A drills.

WOOD'S PATENT END BORING BIT. This bit is used for boring endways of the wood. It will be found an excellent tool for this purpose, having a sharper twist and no lips. Is made on the same principle as the No. 5 (Fig. 3354), and prices are the same.

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VIBRATING MORTISE BIT. Shanks, 4 x 2 in.; sizes, A, i, fig, 4 in. MACHINE COUNTERSINK. This Countersink may be used for either wood or iron. Shanks 4 by 1 4; total length about 4} in. Price, with $, Ig, , 4 or A drills, $1.50.

BRACE CHUCK. Useful at times for holding 4 in. round shank bits in a brace.

PLUG CUTTER. No. 9 is used for cutting wooden plugs. It is one of the best tools of this kind.

PLUG CUTTER. COMBINED ADJUSTABLE BIT. This Combined Bit consists of a stock that can be fitted to a brace at the upper end, and at the lower end having a "Gimlet Bit" for boring the hole for screws or screw bolts, and a "Counter-sink Bit" for boring for the plug. The two bits are held firmly in position by set screws and can be readily adjusted to any depth for long or short screws, or shallow or deep countersinks.

The tools of this kind heretofore placed on the market, while fairly efficient, have generally been made of such poor stock and had workmanship that they have not gained much favor. Our tool is far superior to anything yet placed on the market. The Bit we use is the Morse Twist Drill, with the point ground for wood and the cutter attachment is made of one solid piece of dessop's best tool steel. The lips are the Jenning's pattern, and we guarantee every one to work perfectly.

Plug cutter & expansive bits on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

CLARK'S EXPANSIVE BIT. The genuine Clark's Expansive Bits are made by R. H. Brown & Co. These bits are stamped on shank "William A. Clark— Cast Steel — Made by R. H. Brown & Co.," and the cutters are stamped "R. H. B. & Co.," as shown in illustration. Since the expiration of the patent a few years ago, this style of bit is being made by several different concerns, but we are of the impression that the genuine bits are worth the slight difference in price. It is a very particular tool to make, and It is but reasonable to suppose that a concern
with twenty years' experience would excel in their production.

STEER'S EXPANSIVE BIT. In general style this is quite similar to the Clark's. The cutters are adjusted by a screw, which holds the cutter firmly and prevents it from slipping.

EXPANSIVE BORING MACHINE BIT. This is a strong Expansive Bit with round shank for use in boring machines; shank is 4 inch in diam. Can be used to good advantage in either soft or hard wood. An Extra Cutter, No. 9, can be furnished for this bit, which cuts from 2i to 4 in. Price of Extra Cutter, $0.75.


End Boring bit, Plug cutter, Mortise bits