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Excelsior cutting machines for making tons of excelsior from cheap wood. 0184

EXCELSIOR CUTTING MACHINERY. Excelsior Wood Shavings are a staple article. Thousands of tons are made daily, and the various uses to which it can be put are constantly increasing. Is used by upholsterers, furniture and carriage makers, etc., etc.; is also used for packing all kinds of glassware, toys, confectioners' and druggists goods, hardware, and other articles too numerous to mention, and is much preferred to straw, hay and similar substances, as it is clean, odorless, elastic, and easily handled.

Standard Excelsior is about 16 in. long, 1,u in. thick, and is made in three grades: Fine, 2,1 in.; Medium, I in., and Coarse, s',- in. wide. For common uses such as packing, Excelsior is often cut thicker.

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Any wood can be used that is free from gum and knots (must be dry). Stock can be used which is too small for saw timber, and is not considered of much value, such as white poplar, cottonwood, white spruce, or silver leaf poplar, and these woods make the best quality of Excelsior. A cord of wood will produce about one ton of Excelsior.

It will be understood that in order to produce Excelsior at a minimum cost as many machines as possible should be run by one man. One Excelsior manufacturer writes us that his Excelsior costs him for cutting and baling $1.65 per ton.

Excelsior Machine No. 1 has a capacity of from 600 to 800 lbs. of Excelsior per day,according to coarseness and the quality of timber that is being cut. One man can run six machines. Each machine has two forms to hold spurs; dividers in one for coarse Excelsior
spurs to fill both forms, and two knives. Price, complete, $130.00, weight, 1200 lbs.

Excelsior Machine No. 2 is somewhat similar in style to No. 1, but is adapted to cutting two blocks at the same time, and therefore has about twice the capacity, which is an advantage in cases where space is limited. One man can run three or four of these machines. Neither this nor the foregoing machine requires skilled labor, just a little practice. Price includes 4 Knives, 4 Cutter Heads, and Spurs to fill the Heads. Price, $185.00; weight, 1600 lbs.

BALING PRESS. For those who have not more than six Single or three Double Machines, a Screw Press is often used. We carry in stock all sizes of Press Screws (see index), and it is quite an easy matter to make the frame. When desired, we can furnish a large, heavy Baling Press with a capacity of from 8 to 10 tons per day. Price, $275.00 ; weight, 3200 lbs.

The use of Sliding Ladders in Stores and Warehouses is becoming quite general. Sliding Ladders have many advantages over ordinary Ladders, and they are a great convenience and time saver. We have had them in use for upwards of twelve years, and could not afford to be without them at ten times their cost.

We can furnish them in two styles : Fig. 5255, which rolls facing the shelves, and Fig. 5256, which rolls facing the aisle These Ladders move easily, look well, are never out of order, nor in the way. They have Roller Bearings and Anti-Friction Wheels, and are practically noiseless.

In ordering Nos. 1 and 2 Ladders and Track, give distance from D to C, D to A, A to B, B to S, B to S', and B to S". State length of Track wanted, and the No. of uprights there are of all kinds in shelving; also state what they are, whether solid, upright partition boards, turned spindles, or whether iron brackets are used. Send sketch of front and end views, and give full particulars.

No. 1 Ladder, yellow hard Pine, Japanned Mountings, $11.30 each; Nickel Mountings, $13.35 each.

Oak Ladders, Japanned Mountings, $12.65; Nickel Mountings, $14.65.

No. 2 Ladders are same as No. 1, with the exception that they are straight instead of being bent at bottom —they take up a little more room in the aisle. Price is $1.00 less on each Ladder,

Nos. 3 and 4 Ladders are of the same style as the others, but the Track is placed on the floor entirely independent of the base. This style is preferred by many, particularly where the base shelf is narrow. Prices are the same as for the others.

Excelsior cutting machines for making tons of excelsior from cheap wood.