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Fire fighting equipment & fire extinguishers in 1897 0109

Appliances for fighting fire are coming to be considered a necessity in manufacturing establishments, as well as public buildings and Institutions. It is singular how indifferent most people are regarding fire protection, until their attention is forcibly directed to the matter by fires in their vicinity or on their own premises. There are many concerns who pay out yearly, hundreds and even thousands of dollars for insurance, and yet with gross indifference or neglect, depend upon a few wooden pails (usually empty or falling to pieces) as their sole protection against fire (We speak knowingly, because we have been there). Less than a month ago, a large mercantile establishment, located within 200 yards of our premises, took fire at midday, and burned completely out. Seven lives were lost, and $500,000 worth of property destroyed We believe that one or two Fire Extinguishers used at the start, would have prevented the spreading of this fire.

OILY WASTE CANS. It is a well known fact that cotton waste saturated with oil will ignite spontaneously, under certain conditions when exposed to the air. Many disastrous fires can be traced to this cause, and no doubt a goodly proportion of "mysterious" fires are the result of the careless

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WASTE CAN. disposal of oily waste. The Oily Waste Can, shown in above cut, has self closing cover, with improved spring attachment. These Cans are made without the use of solder, and are galvanized after being put together. We carry in stock one size, which is I1xI4 inches in diameter, and 15 inches high. Price, each, $140; per doz , $15.00.
We can furnish to order a variety of other sizes, from 12 to 24 Inches in diam. and 18 to 36 inches in height, also rest angular cans Sizes and prices will be given upon application.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. The Babcock Fire Extinguisher, which we illustrate here, is too well known to require an extended description. It is claimed that each gallon of their contents will extinguish as much fire as 40 times its own bulk of water. Furnished in two sizes; the regular size, most commonly used about manufacturing establishmens,. public buildings, has a capacity of 6 gallons.

GALVANIZED FIRE BUCKET. The Round Bottom bucket is coming Into very general use for purposes of fire protection. The common style of bucket is very apt to be taken from its place to be used for ordinary purposes, and when most needed, is apt to be either empty or somewhere else. The Round Bottom bucket is hung up, and cannot very well tie used for any other purpose than that for which it is intended.

STORE OR WAREHOUSE HANDY TRUCK. TRUCK — HALF-IRONED. The "Handy" Truck, Fig. 1402, is strong, well made, and very reasonable in price. Made in but one size, 46 inches long; upper bar 17 inches wide, lower bar 12 inches wide. Price, each, $2.25

HOTEL TRUCKS. These Trucks are the same in style as shown in Fig. 1402, but have heavy rubber tires on the wheels, preventing the noise. Are especially adapted for Hotels, Carpet and Glassware Houses. We carry in stock and can furnish Steamboat, Barrel and Railroad Trucks, all sizes and styles.

SKIDS. For general use in shipping. and packing room, warehouses, etc. Platform 30x50 in., made of hard maple. Large wheels, 16 in. diameter, on l} inch axle. Small wheels 6 inches diameter.

BOX TRUCK. Designed for use in factories dr stores, in handling small pieces, packages, etc. Adapted also for shavings and sweepings. The rigid wheels are 5 inches 1n diam.; casters, 4 inches.

WAREHOUSE TRUCK TRUCK IRONS. We sell these Truck Irons largely to concerns who are in a position to furnish

the woodwork themselves. The prices are for the Irons only, all complete ready for the woodwork. Trucks can be made of any length or width desired. The Axles are of 1 inch steel, and 28* inches long, unless otherwise ordered.

Fire fighting equipment & fire extinguishers in 1897