Fish glues, glue pots and heaters 0105

We present here with, a very complete line of Steam Glue Heaters Can furnish other sizes if desired; and can also furnish any of these styles without Stands.

Glues are found In the saving of labor, time, and fuel necessary for preparing ordinary glues To secure the best results, it should be applied with a short, stiff brush, and rubbed .off to a very thin coat. We handle only genuine Le Page's glue made by the Russia Cement Co.

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No. 12, $15.00; has 3 Enamelled Pots, holding 4 gal. each; or (if preferred) three } gal. Pots, with Outside Jackets, as shown in Fig. 1380
No. 16, 828.00; has one 2 gal. Pot, and five 4 gal. Pots, or (if preferred) one 2 gal. Pot and five 4 gal. Pots with Outside Jackets, as shown in Fig. No. 17, $26.00; has 16 Enamelled Pots, holding 4 gal. each.

LE PAGE'S LIQUID GLUE. These Fish Glues are applicable to all purposes for which Glue is employed, and are amongst the strongest adhesives known.

MORANDI GLUE POT The Morandi Glue Pot is used with kerosene, does not smoke or smut, heats quickly, and will be found a great convenience. We can furnish this style Glue Pot for burning Gas. Prices and sizes same as kerosene Glue Pot.

CONTACT GLUE HEATER These Heaters are used very largely by Piano, Organ and Furniture manufacturers, some manufacturers having upwards of 100 in use. They require but one line of Pipe and only 2 Valves to a section of several Heaters. They can be adjusted to maintain any desired temperature. The adjustment is accomplished without the use of valves, by bringing the hot steam-heated surface and the surface to be heated, more or less in contact, which is done by closing or opening the steamring, by means of the screw.

No. 4f, $22.00; capacity, 5 gallons.

WATCHMAN'S CLOCKS A watchman is employed to protect one against theft and fire, and, incidentally, to impart a sense of security to owners of property If the watchman is lazy, careless, or (as is sometimes the case). worse, the Watchman's Clock will expose him. If, on the other hand, he is faithful, the Clock will serve but to confirm his reliability. The Clocks shown here serve a double purpose, of a watch upon the watchman, and timepiece.

REGULATOR NO I These Clocks cannot be tampered with They are simple, and there is nothing to get out of order more than in an ordinary clock. They are very reasonable in price, which is quite a consideration, especially where a large number of stations are necessary. Regulator No. 1, as shown in cut, is operated by a single movement, running eight days. Length of case, 3.4 inches ; width; 12 inches; dial, 8 inches.

The Record Dial FIG 1383. is forty-eight hour, and needs to be removed every other day only Price, $15.00, With a year's supply of dials. Regulator No 2 is operated in the same manner as No. 1. The Watchman's Dial makes a revolution only once in seven days, so that it needs attention but once a week. Price, $18.00, complete with one year's supply of dials. The cases of these clocks are of dark oak, nicely finished.

PORTABLE WATCHMANS' TIME DETECTOR Price, with Pouch, Dials, and 6 different keys for 6 different sta tious complete, $49.50 , with 12 keys for 12 star tions, $52.50.

Fish glues, glue pots and heaters