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COMBINED MACHINE This is the best machine jor the money that we know of, is well built, and for those who cannot afford the 'higher-priced machines, it will be found an admirable substitute. Circular Saws up to 8 inches in diam. can be used; Emery Wheels up to 1 in. thick by 6 inches in. diam. can also be used to good advantage. Price, including one each, 6 in. Rip and Cross-Cut Saws, $35.00. Counter-shaft, for steam power, $10.00.

SCROLL SAW ATTACHMENT. Price, complete, with 12 assorted Scroll Saw Blades, $5.00

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BORING ATTACHMENT. This Attachment has a sliding table upon which the work is placed, table is adjustable up and down, spindle is fitted with Chuck Holding Round Shank Bits from i to $ in. Price of Attachment, $10.00.

HAND CIRCULAR RIP SAW. This is the well known Barnes' machine, which has been on the market for about twenty years. It is suitable for any thickness of stock up to 3; in. The stock is placed between feed rollers, which feed it to the saw, these rollers being selfadjusting between thick or thin lumber An operator with ordinary endurance can rip 600 ft. of 1 in. pine per hour. The work is true and square and easily dressed with the plane. The table is provided with an Adjustable Gauge, and by means of a handscrew can be readily raised or lowered to govern depth of cut. Rabbets, bevels, tenons, etc., can be cut to advantage. Saws 10 inches in diam. are used, two of which are sent with mach Inc. Price, $40.00; weight, boxed, 275 lbs.

CIRCULAR SAWING MACHINE. (Showing machine arranged for Ripping, with SelfFeed Mechanism in position.)

CIRCULAR SAWING MACHINE. (Showing machine with Self-Feed Ripping device thrown back, and the table cleared for cut-off work.) The machine shown in Figs. 4052 to 4054 is quite new, having been brought out within the past six months. It is strong and rigid, the table being of iron planed true. Can be used as a Hand and Foot Power Circular Saw with Self Feed ; with a 10 in. saw, lumber up to 31 in. thick can be ripped; with a 12 in. saw, 41 in. The Self Feed can be used for Grooving and Rabbetting, and table can be adjusted up and down to regulate depths of groove. Speed of saw can be changed readily so as to give a high speed for Crosscut and a slower speed for Ripping.

The Attachments that can be furnished with this machine are, the Boring Attachment, Universal Miter Gauge (shown in Fig. 4054), which is used more particularly by picture frame makers and for any other work where an accurate joint is required. The joint can be made by cutting both ends at the same time. The Gauge is provided with Clamping Screws to hold the work in position, and if desired the moulding can be nailed before taking from the gauge.

While the machine is designed particularly to be used by hand and foot power, it can be driven equally well by steam or other suitable motive power, and we shall therefore be prepared to furnish the machine arranged with Countershaft and Belt Pulley when so desired. We show several cuts which indicate not only the general appearance and construction of the machine, but the wide range of work which it is calculated to perform. Machine, complete with Self Feed, one each, rip and Cross Cut Saw, 10 in., $60.00; with Countershaft for steam instead of foot power, $65.00. Boring Attachment, extra, $ 10.00. Universal Miter Gauge, $10.00 ; Countershaft and Belt Pulley, $10.00.

CIRCULAR SAWING MACHINE. (Showing machine with Special Universal Gauge.)

COMBINED MACHINE ATTACHMENTS With the above machine we can furnish several extra Attachments. These Attachments can be purchased at any time, as all machines are arranged so that they will fit.


Foot & Hand powered sawing machinery