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EMERY GRINDER. Many shop owners insist upon buying the little, light Grinders with which the market is flooded — Grinders that are only suitable for wheels 6 inches, or less. We sell the Small Grinders and show a line of them in "A Book of Tools." They have their place, but it is in shops where numbers of Grinders are used, and the little ones are used for small work. The Grinder shown here is suitable for wheels up to 12x1 in., and is, we believe, the best machine for the money ever placed on the market.

FOOT POWER GRINDER. This represents the only practical Foot Power Grinder that we know of. Most Grinders of this class are arranged to run the wheel at from 300 to 500 revolutions per minute, and this is not sufficient speed to produce anything like good results, as a 6 inch wheel should make at least 2000 revolutions per minute. In the above machine the Spindle can be speeded to 2500 revolutions It will take any size wheel up to 7 in. diam., and 1 in. thick. Wheels 6 in. diam., and from 1 to 1 in. thick, are the best for common use.

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CLIPPER GRINDER NO. I. This machine is geared so that one turn of the crank revolves the wheel eight times. Wheel is 5 in. diam., 1 in. thick ; is hollow in center. When used this space is filled with water. In grinding, the water is driven through its pores by centrifugal force, completely wetting the grinding surface. The clamp holds tool so as to grind perfectly true at any desired bevel.

NO. 2 CLIPPER GRINDER. Used for sharpening Carving and other Knives, Scissors, and for house-hold purposes generally.

STEEL FRAME GRINDSTONE. To read the manufacturer's description, one might think that this little machine was the Acme of all grinding devices. It is certainly more comfortable to use than the ordinary grindstone. We sell a great many of them, and they are well liked, but we think an added 25 lbs. of steel in the construction would be a great improvement. Any Stone up to 2 in. thick and 20 in. diam can be used.

GRINDSTONES. The best known Grindstones are the Lake Huron, Amherst and Berea brands. We think the first named the most useful for general purposes, and they are the only ones we carry in stock although we can furnish the others to order, as well as the Columbia and Olmsted.

The following list gives sizes in thickness and diameter, which we usually carry in stock; can furnish all sizes up to 8 ft. in diameter, 12 inches thick :

LATHE GRINDSTONES. These are small grindstones with round hole, varying in thickness from 1 inch to 11/2 inches. There are a considerable number of Imported Grindstones used, for concaving razors, grinding surgical instruments, optical lenses, etc. We do not keep any of these in stock, but can furnish some of the different brands to order.

GRINDSTONE FIXTURE. The Grindstone Fixtures usually sold in hardware stores are light, flimsy affairs. Our Grindstone Fixtures are extra heavy; well made, and well worth the difference in price.

FAMILY GRINDSTONE. Fig. 934 is a Foot Power Family Grindstone, which will be found very useful for household work, and by mechanics for grinding small tools. The stone is 8 inches in diameter, 11 inches thick, and can be run at quite a high rate of speed.

Foot powered grinders and grindstones